[Suggestion] Make the Bowhead as the new suitcase carrier

I just want to be brief, as with the cyno changes - the days of the suitcase carrier got a bit more costly.

Why not give the Bowhead some more love in this aspect? Adding a jump drive to it and allowing it to use industrial cynos would improve the logistics of the game.

-Cost efficient method of travel
-Assist small groups/people who fell asleep during move ops
-Adds more viability and possibly a new niche for the Bowhead
-Less time spent in logistics

-Difficulty in training for it
-Bowhead prices may spike rapidly

Possible Balance:
-Jump Fuel Bay
-Tier II version of the Bowhead that has a jump drive

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No, go away.


It would be something if you could take your fitted ships into low/null, but the tears would be heavy if it went bad.

Good. This isn’t a problem. It was too easy and too safe as it was. Now it’s balanced and you need to put some more thought into it. Go away with your bad idea.

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Why not just use a jump freighter.

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This game used to be about taking risks…


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