Suggestions for low slots > Rifter Missions

I made a fitting for my Rifter that seems to be quite suitable for my wallet and for my missions but I have two low-slots empty. If I put some armor modules in there EVE keeps reminding me, that you dont mix armor and shield modules. Any other suggestions ? What about Capacitor-Flux Coils oder Power Relays ?

what fitting do you have right now?

sorry, forgot to post the pic

I’d put there tracking enhancer and another gyrostab…

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don’t mix shield boosters and rechargers…use a shield boost amplifier instead if you want to go that route

My opinion: No shield at all.
A Web and a target painter to get better hits and learn to handle ewar in the mid slots and (if you prefer active tank) an armor rep and some further armor tank in low would be my suggestion.
Instead of the TP you may think about a cap battery/recharger for the active tank.

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