Suggestions for returning player

Then give half back and tell the idiot to let it be a lesson he never forgets.
It’s what I do. It’s fair AND educational!

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Save your money and go play something else.


He brings up a fair point at this point in the game. Sit on it, don’t give ANY of it away. My 3 acct’s went alpha last mo. CCP has introduced “chaos”. Play as an alpha and watch what happens for now.

Damm, I have more liquid isk, but not as much in assets. :star_struck:

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My first account was very early in the game. Right when the game came out. Great memories.

The favorite part of EvE, for me, has always been introducing new people to this game, despite most of them hating the complexity and the UI :stuck_out_tongue:

All vets get salty: same old complaints since the beginning…CCP ruined this…CCP ruined that…if they only did X then it would be like it used to be…I complained sometimes myself but you leave the game, come back, and all is forgiven somehow LOL A crazy cycle.

Lots of changes but the heart of the game still lacks structure, which is exactly what draws many players back (like me, I quite every 3-4 years or so for long periods of time).

its that same lack of structure, however, that can frustrate you.

I was about to do exactly what you did by the way. Unfortunately my oldest account is locked behind an ancient expired email, we shall see, but even if I did…my other accounts were reboots from years past too :stuck_out_tongue:

My brother and I sat on billions of Isk. He was one of the first Catrographers to bookmark a ton of locations and sell them for a fortune. We tried all kinds of zany things. My favorite moments were exploring aspects of the game that ended up being a complete waste of time, but we were hoping there was a curtain anyway. The process of failure and trying new things and tactics was the thrill. I’m not expecting to recreate those early days where you felt like you could be a pioneer.

You want purpose?

You have to be intrinsically motivated and I think you are in a good spot! You have wealth and are consolidating your assets, which all carry memories and hard work behind them. You’ll eventually have a giant pile of assets and a fresh start.

You know what I’m enjoying?

Total fresh scrub restart. I won’t be giving him money from my other accounts. Going through those missions again and the game has changed, sure, but the bones are still there. The process of building a character, and solving the puzzle of what to train, what to equip, what to do. There are a few new aspects to the game (to me) that I haven’t experienced yet that I’m looking forward to with a fresh character. I’ll find a bigger corp this time, which is a bit out of my zone because I enjoyed keeping things between very trusted family and friends.

You probably enjoy puzzling the game, too, so maybe the process of puzzling is worth sticking around?

TLDR Enjoy the process, who cares about the past or the Isk. It’s all virtual anyway and our most valuable commodity is time, so if you feel you are wasting it, try something new until you get there. Maybe try making new friends and enjoy the process.

Good luck.


Well I would not consider 60bil wealthy. But it is a lot of isk for many people.

Since your back in game you can put in a request after long hiatus to move your ship to safe or friendlier location. I dunno if that is still the case but long a ticket.

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Yeah, it’s still available but has some restrictions.


Oh yeah I almost forgot,

@Sludge_McBain, welcome back to Eve, sounds like you’re set up and ready to sail. As for a direction, maybe check out running Cosmos Agents?

Anyway, may you have much success in whatever direction you decide to take.


When in doubt become a pirate. It’s the answer to every question. Make the promise with me.

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We’d all like an update.


I stuck with it. I consolidated my assets. I’ve got more isk than I thought now, which is a bonus. I managed to lose a deadspace fit Huginn in hi-sec trying to web my freighter my other account, not realising that being in different corps would get me concorded. Oh how I laughed! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve found skill injection, which is a very expensive habit. I’ve also drained a few chars of unnecessary skills. I’ve set up training plans for alts.

I’ve joined a corp that seem like a good bunch of guys (there are no females in eve). They’re in null-sec and they’re trying to make a go of it, so it feels like I’m helping.

I’m enjoying fitting, buying and flying (and losing) expensive fit ships, because I can.

Got a couple of isk making schemes back up and running.

Thanks to all the positive comments guys, all it takes is knowing that there is stuff to do in eve, nobody is going to hand you it on a plate but if you know it’s there, you can look for it.

One of the hardest things, especially for new players, is the steep learning curve. Even though I played Eve for years, having a 5 or 6 year absence means you forget all the complexities. When you play regularly, you take this for granted. It just takes a bit of time, and hand-holding, to get you back in, so thank you all again.

To the poor guys that made the negative comments, cheer up. Encourage, help, give advice, not negativity. Your comments show only that you are struggling with life and instead of playing this game to enjoy your time, you’re playing to make other people feel bad about their lives, as you do about yours. But don’t think this is me having a go at you, you can do something positive, you can be a better person, you just have to try, and to want to.

See you guys in space!


Hello Sludge. Welcome back!

OK, so my most recent return to the game found the lonely pocket system I have operated out of for going on thirteen years to be filled with players. Mostly multiboxing miners and industrialists that could field T2 and T3 class ships if there was a good fight to be had next door in lowsec.

Lowsec had always been off limits, but all of a sudden I was encouraged to fly logi ships and help with reps and pointing. I even participated in a fleet defense force for an allied corp a handful of jumps away (that was FUN).

You, on the other hand, appear to have done all that and more.

Beyond helping my new allies I’ve found a calling, if you will, in the Essence marketplace. Orders and pricing are all just…dumb. So I’ve gone about resetting things, buying people out, and pricing popular items where I think they should be. What’s the point of having all that ISK if I can’t use it to flex a little, eh? :wink:

I’m not sure what advice I can give other than to find good people to play the game with. That’s what keeps me coming back.

Fly safe and have fun, Sludge.


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