Suicide Gank

How much EHS should a bulk hauler fit to try to desencourage suicide ganks or survive suicide ganks in high sec systems?

More than any of the meta-gaming gankers are about to suggest.

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less than 500 million in goods, and hope that a ganker isn’t in it for the lol’s. Fit internal stabilizers and MWD and hope.

One tornado volley is around 10-13k EHP. You shouldn’t haul more than price of the hull and have more EHP so you will survive random gank without scanning. Most of ganks happens at stations. Always use insta bookmarks at trade hubs and stations you visit often.

With some basic skills you should get sunesis with sub 2s align and over 1k cargo space. Should be enough for most of non bulky stuff.

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The “rule of thumb” is 1k EHP for every 3 M of isk. And isk is measured as being the total value of cargo plus fitted modules.

So, if your hauler is worth 50 M isk, fully loaded, you would want to have around 16-17 k EHP.

The amount of EHP you have is also related to how long it takes you to die. Gankers have less time to kill you the higher the security of the system you are in. So, if you could could haul in 0.7 to 1.0 systems only, then you might get away with hauling twice as much for the same EHP. This is because Concord respond quicker, giving gankers less time to kill you.

The type of EHP can also help you survive. For shields, this means plugging any resistance holes in your shields - either using rigs or mid slots - and then going for maximum buffer. Latter usually means try to at least fit a multi-spectrum hardener in mid and a damage control in low. And then as many shield extenders as you can.

Third thing to look at is to fit for cloak & warp with a MWD plus advanced cloak (I forget its name). The idea is you can cloak during (slow) align time at gates and then get close to instawarp. You cannot do this in freighters or even orcas, but “bulk” carriers like miasmos or kryos can do it. Plus some of the T1 haulers can do it too.

There is the option of fitting T1 haulers with warp core stabs in low slots instead, but that sacrifices expanded cargoholds and limits the total cargo you can carry. But if that cargo is low value, then the EHP/ isk rule should help you decide your options.


Here’s a fit that gives you ~60k ehp with the hardeners active (depending on skills). This can survive a Tornado gank and anyone who scans your fit will be dissuaded from trying anything funny.

[Badger, Badger]
Damage Control II
Power Diagnostic System II
Power Diagnostic System II
Power Diagnostic System II

Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Medium Shield Extender II
EM Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II

Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender I


The best ship is one you can’t catch. Must haves: improved cloak + MWD. Optional probe scanner for wormhole short cuts. Travel with cloak+MWD at the choke points.


If you’re roaming around high sec avoiding suicide ganks, you just need tank. That’s it. Concord will handle it. MWD and Cloak won’t do anything because 7 seconds is more than enough time for any gankers to uncloak you.

If you’re outside of highsec, then it isn’t a suicide gank anymore and just a regular gank (because no Concord).

As one can see from all the replies, there are multiple thoughts and tactics regarding defending against suicide ganking.

To help the newbies, I give the following distillations of the above responses:

  • Try not to carry more than it takes to gank you
  • Find less travelled routes. Less traffic sometimes means less baddies.
  • Fly around others and try to be a less tempting target than THEY are.
  • Fitting a ship to be “fast” sometimes means being squishier. Being “tougher” sometimes means being slower. Fit your ship according to what risks and tradeoffs you are most comfortable with.
  • Suicide gankers are most effective when they team up… however the same applies to you as well (be it a friend or an alt account).
  • Being “slippery” is the single most effective tactic to avoiding being blown up. However for haulers, this requires a little teamwork with others.
  • Passive modules will allow one to be more “hands off,” but offer less overall defense. Active modules require one to be at least semi-active when flying around, but offer greater defense.
  • It is not a matter of “if” but “when.” Manage your expectations and always keep a small reserve of money and resources in case you are lit up like a firework.

I might add if feeling frisky and cutting through low sec for a small but expensive haul in a frigate (good ship for it till a new player can run blockade runners mostly)…in this case you may want passive. If a smartbomb camp is up and timing is not in your favor you most likely will not win the server tick game to turn on an active resist. You may go boom.

Passives if the skill is there may survive the disco party’s first wave and you hopefully are warped out before next burst. Not always going to work but better than nothing.

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You very VERY rarely get uncloaked using cloak/MWD.

Apart from that, generally, you get scanned in the previous system so if the scanner didn’t scan you because cloak then the ganker won’t know to gank you. Conversely if you somehow messed up the cloak and got scanned you’d ALSO have to mess up your cloaking in the gank system. And messing up your cloak twice in a row just doesn’t happen.

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You might get an idea with this demo.

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