I remember the first night I started playing EvE (about a month and a half ago) and someone was asking in local how to become a pirate; but I was interested in doing something totally different…

Asymmetric warfare is a situation when there is a huge military disparity between the belligerent parties. This is similar to the situation between newcomers and the EvE veterans (and elitists).

Two of the outcomes of asymmetric warfare is the creation of guerrilla warfare and terrorism. One of the characteristics of modern terrorism is the use of IEDs; and having a twisted mind, I was playing with the idea of how to create something similar in EvE. As to why, I’ll explain later.

Towards the end of WW2 the Japanese resorted to kamikaze planes against the Allied Navies which lead me to thinking that it would not be too hard to recreate a similar capability using EvE resources. But I put some criteria in trying to create a kamikaze vessel in EvE.

  1. It has got to be cheap and easy to get hold of and manufacture.
  2. It has to be quick and easy to assemble en masse.
  3. It doesn’t actually have to be able to do massive damage, the main purpose of the vessel is to cause PANIC and CONFUSION.
  4. It has to be usable by both alpha and omega accounts. Best to used by a throwaway alpha-alt.
  5. The vessel must have the capability to approach the victim(s) either very quickly or in a manner that will not cause consternation before it begins its attack sequence. The closer the better for psychological reasons.

Then one night, while mining, a rat dropped a “smart bomb”…

And so here is my basic idea of what an EvE kamikaze vessel might look like: “

The fit is really cheap (less than 100 ISK) and totally illegal to use in hi-sec even though that is exactly where they are intended to be deployed. One unit in itself, however, doesn’t do much damage but you have to think about what will happen if you deploy a swarm of these.

You can get the basic hull for free and any of the four types of corvette hulls can be used. If you really want to be cheap, it only needs the civilian afterburner and some form of capacitor boost.


Because causing mayhem and confusion for no logical purpose is FUN; I’m an anarchist by nature, plus I have a really twisted sense of humor.

They can potentially be a real nuisance to miners, at the very least they can kill mining drones. Used in conjunction with bumping crafts you can cause mass panic and confusion in short order anywhere either for laughs or for more nefarious purposes

You can use them at entrances to major trade hubs; once again to create panic and confusion. Used enough times and people might even freak out any time they see a corvette fly into the system. This alone will make them worthwhile. Anything that freaks out other people in a computer game is a good thing, methinks.

Or even use them to disrupt gate camps. Basically, anyone at anytime can be a target. FREAK OUT EVERYONE. More confusion, make everyone trigger happy, encourage PvP type behavior. Upset Care Bears; just cause mass panic anytime they are deployed or at least until the novelty wears off.

Also, small corporations wardecced by larger ones can use these for nuisance attacks - they are throwaways - but if you’re smart, they can be used effectively to achieve strategic goals. You don’t have to win battles to win a war.

Use them also to provoke real PvP fights in Hi-sec systems. Their main purpose, as in terrorism in the real world is to provoke a (negative) reaction from the target parties. YOU WANT TO USE THEM TO UPSET PEOPLE. To do this you must push them out of their comfort zone; preferably in the cheapest manner possible. WE WANT EVERYONE TO BE SHOOTING AT EVERYONE ELSE OUTSIDE OF A STATION. Total PvP mayhem will make EvE a lot more fun in Hi-Sec, methinks or am I wrong?

Yes I know, they will be CONCORDed as soon as they are used (and cause damage to other ships) but so what? Besides, I believe, if you use them in several places at the same time in the same system, you could possibly confuse the CONCORD AI - if this is true, this could open up some really interesting possibilities.

Like I said, this is just a crazy idea that I wrote up for fun and to share. :wink:


This seems like a bait thread, tbh.

On the off chance that it’s not, I don’t see what the point of this would because you can already do this with a Catalyst in Highsec. Concord kills you anyway, so in either your idea and the ganking Catalyst, you lose your ship. The difference is that Catalysts already do their job in the game without needing to introduce a completely different ship/mechanic.

You are wrong.

You’re probably too new to the game, but you cannot “confuse” Concord AI. You can slow them down by just having a lot of ships, but they’ll eventually kill everything and hunt you down.

It’s not.

Thanks for sharing, but given your past couple of threads, I feel like you need more experience in playing the game than playing the forums before people start to take your thoughts more seriously.

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Thanks for this and noted. I’ll shut up for now. Cheers.

Nah, don’t shut up. You’ve as much right to share ideas as any of us, and as you want to bring more chaos to the cluster, you should be encouraged.

I agree with Scoots on this particular idea. It would have pretty limited application compared to some of the other tools already in game, but huge +1 from me for your thinking and taking the time to think through that OP.

Correct, go away.

You’ve got an awesome attitude, but everything you desire here is accomplished and more by the catalyst.

Happy hunting! :slightly_smiling_face:

Love the idea but the doctrine and motive needs work…

I was thinking about this some more and while still mostly pointless and just for LOLz, I came-up with:

The Toyota Praxis SBS
1 x Praxis
8 x Large YF-12a Smartbombs
2100 Alpha

This really is only “practical” in 0.5 (Hek?) and that will give you about 6300 damage, possibly 8400 before Concorde ruins the party.

So the targets would have to be limited to frigates…maybe desis…and of course bunched-up within 5km of you.

I think you could bait people by doing a “give away” with crates. Drop a few legit cans at first to generate buzz and then hopefully get a crowd before Allahu Akbar the place…:fire:

Good times…

ps. please record this if you ever try it…

Once, there was a chap who was smartbomb crazy. He used them on everything he could in HS, especially his enemies.

Then one day, a great hero by the name of Zedrik Cayne led an army of pods to him, and when he smartied, he was escorted out of high sec for quite some time.

Those were the days.


I remember seeing that chap in Arnon dribbling on in local occasionally.



While in the space loo I realized this would work even better with a co-conspirator in a salvage/hauler. Fleet-up and the hauler dolls-out the gifts/prizes while the ISIS Toyota Praxis SBS sits off-grid. When the crowd is a nice size then the party starts with a “warp to zero” on the fleetmate…fit the hauler to resist the damage type and then scoop-up the bits after the party is over…

Nowadays, all you need is thinking up some contest that makes people flock around you, like giving away a battleship for free. Modern players have no clue of EVE, the amount of idiots falling for it must have increased.

We could even stage this, easily, but what’s the point anymore?

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Do you happen to have any cap boosters on that fit? CONCORD will auto-jam and infini-neut you once they arrive, but smartbombs don’t need a lock and the cap booster can give you some power in between neut cycles.

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No, just what was listed as once the fuzz arrives they will blap you before you get a 5th BOOM off…I think 3-4 is all you can hope for…I haven’t done a deep dive on this though as it’s just for shits and giggles really…

One nice feature is that you can only drop a can every 3 minutes so in less than 15 minute you should be able to get a whole wack of ships near you…

I think max skill with heat (10s base - 15% for heat -25% for skills) would be a 6.3 second cycle time (someone check my work please). In a pre-pulled 0.5 system (24 seconds for concord?), that’s still three activations.

You forgot to count the first :slight_smile:

A 5th might be possible with skills and stuff but I’m not going that far down the rabbit hole…

you’re right, I feel kinda dumb now. I think a 5th would require a bonused ship.

It’s EVE…it’s par for the course for everyone so…


I think a 5th would require a bonused ship.

I think having a 2nd attack ship to warp in 1/2 way though the attack IF there there were destroyers/cruisers around might be an option too…

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