Suitonia for CSM16

Most proposals I have are to increase the amount of opportunities there are to create fights in eve. Here are some fairly basic ideas I’d like to push, Being a CSM doesn’t make you a game designer though so it’s important to keep that in mind.

  1. Make it so you can’t take Ansiblexs while scrammed/pointed. I think Ansiblex gates are insanely powerful, but rather than nerf them directly I’d like to see more of a player solution where they become more dangerous to use. So they would behave more like the previous jump gates which you couldn’t use in a bubble or while tackled.

This means that you can be waterboarded on them more effectively, traps can be laid by bombers + cloaked dictor for travelling fleets, and you can kill players more easily with only a small group not requiring mass webbing ships to stop them from just reapproaching and leaving again.

  1. Add a hotkey for repairing modules because having to use the right click menu exclusively for it is annoying, having a modifier key such as alt that you could hold down and click the module to start repairing (like holding down shift and clicking to overheat) would be useful.

  2. Make a use for the 15 man filaments because they are useless with 25 man being so cheap since every single omega player gets one every 30 days. I think adding in some special features, such as a ‘regen’ 15 man filament that heals your shield/armor/hull to full when jumping - which would be really nice for structure tank solo/small gang roaming, or putting in more slants like one which always takes you to an ice belt, or one that always takes you to a metaliminal storm system for example, still random and you can’t completely choose where you’re going but allows you to have more options and could create new gameplay like ninja ice mining.

  3. Ways to sort the ESS menu on the Agency, you can ‘filter’ the results but you can’t sort them. Being able to filter by ISK, DBS and jumps makes sense. This could also be useful on other agency tabs, like being able to sort number of sigs on cosmic signatures.

  4. A major pet peeve of mine is not being able to save filaments in your ship fits, as well as it failing if you have deployables such as mobile depots or mobile warp disruptors in them.


Stopping by to endorse a man that needs no introduction by this point, if you don’t know why you should vote for Suitonia you’re either new to the game or intentionally oblivious to long standing positive names in the scene.

This is a person who cares about eve on every level and is a pleasure to be around at events. We are all better off for his efforts and it would be fantastic to have him back on the CSM.


Thanks for the kind words Vuan.

In other news, proof that I’m one of the most knowledgable people in EVE :smiley:

The meme number and the good number :+1:

On a serious note, best of the luck with the campaign, especially in light of the most recent announcements we sorely need adults at the table.

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Hi Suitonia, I’d be curious about your thoughts on a couple of issues:

Do you support an option to preemptively block Hypernet ads in local chat? Or do you have a better solution to this widespread problem than that? Or do you not see it as a problem that needs a solution other than the one option currently available (permanently blocking each character who posts ads)?

If an EVE partner gives partner skins to friends or in a way that is not random or if an EVE partner publicly condones such behavior, should that person be either: Kicked out of the EVE partner program, permanently banned from serving on the CSM, or suspended/expelled from EVE?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on these matters.

Yes, this is a very good idea. Like the winter event filaments.

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Yes I’d love for you to be able to block hypernet links from local.

It’s already against the rules to give away the Partner skins to friends, or to horde them and sell them for yourself. They should only be going out to people who contribute to the content being created (moderators for twitch, contributers/bug hunters for 3rd party programs, co-hosts for podcasts etc). if they aren’t going to the community. If you have proof or evidence of someone violating this, I’d recommend getting in touch with CCP Aurora or another community developer.

Thanks for the reply.

Here’s what motivated the 2nd question: A multi-term CSM member on Twitch, who has previously made his stream chat ‘followers only’ when setting up a raffle for other skins, gives out a partner skin without a draw to someone for raiding his stream. I object. The (afaiu) most EVE famous lore nerd in EVE says something in chat to the effect of ‘If he wants to give 50 partner skins to his friends, that’s okay.’ I object more strenuously. I am sternly chastised by the multi-term CSM member hosting the stream. None of the 3 CSM members on the stream object to the comment about giving 50 partner skins to friends. I am perplexed and my jimmies are rustled that such unethical scum is allowed to serve on the CSM. If this is how unethically they’re behaving publicly, I can only imagine what they’re doing privately.

If my version of events is basically correct, should CCP be doing more to ensure that their ‘partners’ are handing out skins in accordance with the rules? Should CCP revisit the idea of blindly trusting a bunch of greasy, amoral scumbags to hand out in-game merchandise worth trillions of ISK as ethically as you do?

as he said, if you have proof of that happening, reach out to ccp aurora.

You are wrong, and you remain wrong. Providing a free skin to a fellow streamer who has brought people to the channel and is part of our community is well within the guidelines. And given that, since you made a stink, the streamer in question bought a replacement skin and then proceeded to give that one away.

There is nothing wrong with what was done on the stream, and the fact that you’re here still bellyaching about it after three CSM members and three EVE Partners explained to you that you were wrong is a testament to how far some people will go to whine when they aren’t given special treatment.

I don’t appreciate being called “unethical scum,” either. How dare you.


Wow, you managed to cram quite a bit of demagoguery, mendacity and issue-dodging into a single post. Let’s try to unpack it, shall we?

Is it okay to set up your stream as followers only for the purposes of holding a raffle or is that against the rules?

Would it be okay for an EVE partner to hand out partner skins to 50 of his friends or would a normal EVE player be appalled by such behavior? If an EVE famous lore-nerd suggests in chat that such behavior is perfectly acceptable and 2 members of the CSM sit quietly by while a 3rd member of the CSM chastises a chat participant who objects to such a ludicrous suggestion, what does that suggest about the ethical integrity of those 3 members of the CSM or about their fitness to serve as ethical custodians/distributors of hundreds of billions of ISK worth of partner skins?

Are we not ALL ‘part of this community’? Can any nerd not set up a stream in 5 minutes if he so desires and then raid another stream with it? Your criteria are meaningless. The evident lack of seriousness with which you obviously take the matter of partner skin giveaways only further serves to demonstrate why this issue is well worth raising.

I’m not sure which is more ludicrous, your suggestion that because 3 Goon CSM reps agree about something, it must be true, or your assertion that I have in ANY way sought ‘special treatment.’

Anyway, I didn’t mention you, nor the stream, and continuing this conversation here will only serve to derail the thread of a WORTHY and ETHICAL CSM candidate. If you wish to continue this discussion you’ll have to suggest a more appropriate location.

Is it nice behave to make csm topic full of that ■■■■ about skins etc. Do you want one? @AkJon_Ferguson

Before I demolish your nonsense arguments propelled largely by the fact that you didn’t win a skin, here are the actual “rules.”

Partnership SKIN Rules

The SKINs provided to partners are for the purpose of promoting partner content. These SKINs may only be used for fair giveaways to promote the content you make, for your personal use, or for rewarding meaningful (non-financial) contributors to your content. You may not sell these SKINs in or out of game. All participants must have an equal chance to win regardless of payment or patronage.

That is absolutely okay. Nothing in the rules prohibits it, and since these are designed to “promote partner content,” restricting who can enter the raffle to followers makes perfect sense. You aren’t require to pay anything, which is what “payment or patronage” means, and the raffle is still fair.

What it suggests is that we were actually focused on playing the game and providing content and not paying attention to you guys having toddler fights in the chat. Honestly, until Merk called you out for acting hysterical about it, I didn’t even know what he did. And, no, this has no bearing on our ethics, despite your desperate attempts to frame it this way.

The rules note that to give a skin to someone outside of a raffle, they need to be a “meaningful (non-financial) contributors to your content.” That means someone like Sheltark, who routinely raids the stream with his followers when he goes off the air, has contributed to our community by telling folks to watch us, and we’ve never been able to return the favor because he is either streaming at the same time we are or he quits before we do because he’s in AU timezone. I’d have given a skin to Mind1, too - he has done even more for us than Sheltark.

If you decided to become an EVE streamer, raid our stream with your followers, promote our stream on your own, and provide us with hours of content on our stream, we’d give you a partner skin too.

Well, we would have, until you went nuts.

You are angry because Sheltark got a skin and you didn’t. That’s all this is about, and it’s kind of sad that you’re still wasting everybody’s time with these nonsense arguments about it.

Yes, you did. You said " None of the 3 CSM members on the stream object to the comment about giving 50 partner skins to friends. I am perplexed and my jimmies are rustled that such unethical scum is allowed to serve on the CSM." I was one of the three CSM members on the stream, and you called me unethical scum.

I resent that implication, given how hard I’ve fought to protect my reputation in this game.

About the only appropriate location to continue this argument would be on a bathroom stall in rural truckstop, but there’s probably more interesting things to read there already.

Enjoy the free bump on your campaign post, Suitonia. :slight_smile:


Had a great time interviewing Suitonia. A gracious victor, but will he be again? You decide.


Every year I make endorsements for CSM on my blog Eveoganda and I do so based solely on the quality of the candidates I endorse. This year it is even more critical to do so because I am also running for CSM as an independent candidate. My primary concern is the health and continued growth of Low Security and Faction Warfare. As such, I can fully endorse Suitonia for CSM this year and he will be on my ballot. I know we both share the same passion for solo and small gang PvP and that we would work well together this year to ensure that LS/FW finally gets the attention they deserve.


Thanks for the kind words Rixx, I’ll be recommending you too :smiley:

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I always vote Suitonia. Top class candidate with immense knowledge who has made a hugely significant impact on Eve as a whole, in many areas.

(Also can I call out the bad form by others arguing about personal stream related things on Suitonia’s CSM thread!) - posts flagged.


suitonia not on the ballot?

What your thought about Passive Income and “greed” mechanic as conflict driver, you think it should be reintroduce like passive moon years ago ? can it be beneficial for smaller entity (LS and NS) or only bloc ?

Sorry it’s so late, but I endorse Suitonia for CSM 16!
(I’m the idiot from A Bad Show for Bad People).