Summarizing Skill Time

Good afternoon. It would be convenient if the time of the marked skills were summed up in the “skill development plan.”

To be sure I understand your suggestion: do you mean you would like a tooltip or additional text field on the Character Sheet UI with total duration when you select multiple skills in your skill plan? For example, you select six 16 minute skills and get output showing something like ‘Selected Training Time: 1h 36m’?

If so, I agree 100% - it would be very handy for gauging time to reach a milestone skill (such as when working on unlocking modules/ships/other skills), or to achieve a goal (all skills related to missile damage application to 4) without having to pull up a notepad and math through it manually.

I don’t understand. Isn’t that already displayed on the big blue button on the lower right?

It’s somewhat clear exactly what you are asking for, but I do want to point out that EVEMon is the ultimate tool for skill planning - you might want to look into it.

The button shows the entire skill plan training time. I believe the OP is asking for a displayed time when you select a portion of your skill plan that only covers the selected skills.

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