[Summer 2019] New Pirate Implant Sets

You’re right, I fail reading comprehension. Agreed with your point about strength.

That said, linked or unlinked, they do bring the reps down a server tick (6->5 LRAR unlinked, 5->4 LRAR linked). If they were as potent as I thought they were, and you advocated for, you would be able to overload them linked to get down to a 3s tick (15% duration reduction).

Honestly, while some of these have niche uses (and that’s fine) I think that some of these are going to end up not used as much.

Like it was mentioned above, extra drone HP is going to be hardly worth the price since drones are fairly cheap and expendable. Even on carriers and supers it’s going to be eclipsed by the value of slaves/amulets. I can see maybe some Rorqual pilots using them for excavators, but even then that’s a fairly specific group. I don’t even see this being used on ships like Guristas with their strong single HP stacks. Even here, slaves or raptures would likely have more flexibility than a drone implant set.

For the savior, it’s a double edged sword. You’re not necessarily getting anything without cost here. It may be manageable on Basilisks/Gaurdians, but every other ship is going to have to compensate somewhere for it. It’s the same issue that the naglfar and Moro’s have. It’s a bonus with downsides.

E: can’t read, says subcapital right there, not caps

We are currently planning to release these implants alongside a rebalance of the shield regen modules and rigs that would buff the individual modules but add a stacking penalty. This plan does not currently involve across the board changes to shield regen rates. We may add a shield regen penalty to the implants themselves if needed for balance but we are interested in exploring whether we can avoid that added complexity.

We are not currently planning any changes to shield supercapital hitpoints to go with these changes, although the upcoming remote rep diminishing returns are expected to somewhat reduce the relative strength of shield supers a little bit (removed a sentence that might have given the incorrect impression that we are mandating how people fit their ships). We’ll be keeping a close eye on things and making changes if needed.

The Savior implants are currently planned to only impact subcapital remote reps (similar to Crystals and Asklepians). I’ve updated the OP to make that clear.
It’s quite possible that we may decide to buff the numbers on these a bit (these initial stats are somewhat conservative). If needed we could fairly easily bump them up to Talisman levels (or somewhere in between).

This is another one where we’re starting off a bit cautious. We may make adjustments but I’d like to avoid accidentally creating something new that’s overpowered connected to fighters and drones right now.

I think these would be great to give new balance passes to, but I can’t commit to anything at this time.

:smile: The northern hemisphere summer 2019


Are you seriously intending that we dual tank our supers? What’s CCPs policy on reimbursing money wasted on supers and pilots?

This is the April’s fool joke right?

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As always, EVE provides players the freedom to choose all kinds of fittings for their ships. Only time will tell what tactics end up emerging as the most effective ones.

Any chance for an implant set that improves salvaging chances and speeds tractor beams?


Hydra is not entirely trash. After the NSA changes lots of people will stop using NSA mods for PVE. This means you lose a lot of fighter HP, which is concerning in Forlorn anoms, among others, where NPC aggro your fighters a lot. This Hydra set can compensate this lack of HP to a certain extend. For that alone it could be worthwhile.

In case you have not noticed it yet: People do that already to tank doomsdays. During the last X47 fight, Goons in particular shield and armor tanked their titans specifically against the 2 main damage types of the north’s armor titans.

I thought it wouldn’t be so useful even for capitals. Although I admit i have very limited experience when it comes to these, I do not see many capitals using fighter HP rigs if that’s such a useful bonus. Couple of these provide stronger fighter HP bonus (+56.25% for t2), while allowing you to use slots 1-6 for a better set (e.g. slaves/amulets which provide more HP than 2 trimarks/extenders).

In the end of the day, if fighter balance is such an issue it can provide 2 separate bonuses to drones and fighters. At the very least I am confident that set will be garbage for drones with these values.

edit: forgot to mention that NSA provides fighters with ECCM bonus, it doesn’t affect their HP. FSUs do. Which kinda makes your point invalid.

Will the Rapture sets apply to Capitals as well?

Also, I would like to suggest making data sites an integral in procuring and making these implants. Maybe add new materials required to make these implants that are obtained through different levels of data sites.

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A 53% bonus to shield EHP is far more significant than the fax change that effects both tank systems. Keep in mind in small numbers the fax nerf has little effect, and in very large numbers volley is more important, for both scenarios this shield buff has huge benefits.

great idea - Buff data sites!

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I don’t give a ■■■■ about implants. I care about module tweaks and tiercide

Well that’s nice.

Shield hitpoint imps are totally overpowered … look at the Gila.

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I don’t think Armor slaves need a switch in faction, since Sansha layout make them as good in either shield or armor tanking as Minmatar, and Minmatar are know as the race that can tank either one.

Also, would love a “hull slaves” to complete the set.


when can we expect the range nerfs outlined 2 years ago on this day to rlmls & hmls

i’d heard they were gonna be in before the tournament but uh…

it’s almost like shield super caps are alraedy much better than 0 dps armor supercaps even without a shield slave lol

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No one realised this is a f+++ed april fools joke?

Oddly enough, it isn’t. CCP Fozzie usually puts out devblogs on April 1st every year. They’re always legit.