Summer has ended!


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I’d love to see/hear an update on this.

Currently all we’ve got from promised changes for this summer is Slave set got renamed to Amulet in initial August release and thats about it.

And there is no mention of tiericide/implants in upcoming september release at all.


I cannot wait any longer for OP Shield Slaves.

And promptly loose it Null like the other Null memes players.

Maybe that was the long-anticipated implant set.

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…refer to the 2nd link in the first post.

I know what the second thread said. It says nothing about releasing EVERYTHING in summer. Maybe the name change is set for summer, and the rest of the implants are all set for fall/winter?

Edit: and to answer the possible next argument

I also remember someone talking about some long waiting module balances but I guess we need more sooper-dooper-weak triglavians, which are very palanzed and give them a damage implant set.

It is in the dev-blog (1st link, images also taken from there).

Edit: I do remember some other source that pointed at the types of modules waiting for tiericide: shield and cap regen modules, rigs etc. will be made stronger but subject to stacking penalty so you
“dont have to fill all the slots for passive tank”.


None of them say that they will ALL be released. The devil is in the details, friend.

I know summer is over in Soviet Russia, but in some european countries summer officially ends 22 or 23 of September. In year 1931 summer ended here 24 of September, next time it will end on that day in year 2303 and I am looking forward to it very much indeed…

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The fall season doesn’t begin until September 21st.

The art of quoting oneself:

No one said that ALL will be released, but when NONE (new sets) were released - then something definitely gone wrong and should be subject to public information update, imo. Hence the thread.

WTF did I just read? I want my click and my time back.

Technically, a new set called Amulet was released.

Summer has ended!

/me checks the temperature for the week. Yep still 95+ every day.
This title is fake news.

–Gadget tries to shoot summer with pumpkin lasers

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It’s clear that you frequently like to post simply to argue over stupid hairsplitting details with other posters.

To be clear, renaming an existing set is not ‘releasing a new set’.

To be clearer, since you will try very hard to find some stupid hairsplitting detail to niggle over with that statement:

There are 4 ‘new’ sets being released. ‘Amulet’ is not one of those new sets. It’s one thing to say you read the links, it’s sadly obvious that understanding them is beyond you.

As for the time frame and notes, personally I no longer expect CCP to manage to do anything they say they will, it’s gotten just that bad. If they do happen to live up to a statement made in advance, I’m pleasantly surprised. If they don’t, I consider it just par for the course.

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Although Id like to say yes, thats one of my hobbies, unfortunately I have no idea what youre talking about. What other times have I argued over stupid hairsplitting details to the point that one would consider it “Frequently”?

Thats debatable.

Its sadly obvious that satire is beyond you, too.


Technically: The set with the name “Amulet” is not in the list of new sets announced to be released past summer.

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I cant wait for the changes either but im guessing balance is still being worked on.

Then why even make announcement of it to be released in July/“Summer” if its not ready?