Supercarrier Game Machanics

Any info would be appreciated, I haven’t played in many years and I would like to know the game machanics around supercarriers. Could someone possibly link some info. Thanks.

I dont mean to be an ass, but if you can fly a super, you really should be able to do your own homework on how to fly it.


Yes, and part of that homework is asking here.

What else do you think the forums are for? Your personal chatting ground?

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Im just jealous I cant fly a super.
I admit…

That’s exactly what he’s doing here.

No, hes asking others to do it for him.

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I think he’s making a perfectly normal request, it’s like walking into a library (Remember when those places were used?) and asking someone there for advise on where to find a book, then being told “Go find it yourself you lazy bastard.”

You do and it’s fine.

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