Supercarrier just a big toy , real fight depends on titan

Supercarrier and titan are supercapital , but one is toy other is nuclear weapon

In time dilation, the warzone require the damge which can created instantly , that why Caldari ship so suck in a huge battle. carrier fighter and missile need ‘‘flying’’ , which is bad in time dilation.

Titan primary target is titan,35 titans using doomsday weapon can make sure 1 titan dead ‘‘instantly’’, Fax just slow down the process.

Titans = Line infantry in 17th century , line up and shoot.

Although supercarriers are serious threats to the Dreadnought but they take no strategic position .

Just like 35 peasants using pitchforks can make sure 1 centurion dead “instantly”.
Anyway, I like toys.

Thanks a lot, you just made me lose my Age of Empires match with your terrible advice.


Except I wasn’t giving advice for Age of Empires… Never played it. Is it good? I don’t like isometric games though.

Can I have your supercarriers all Caldari capital ships?

I’ll take them off your hands.

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