Make super Capital deaths mean something

We have all heard it before, a super cap dies and the phrase “already Replaced” is mentioned. But what if he can make a titan or a super carrier death actually mean something to eve. We know the loss does not hurt, Isk is more common then Veld rocks, we knowing building them does not hurt, we can see that by the amount of sheer super caps in engagements. But one thing that would hurt is time.

Tech 3 cruisers if you die, you lose skill points, so you lose time to retrain and during that time you are less effective then you were previous because of a lowered skillpoint. Now I am in no way saying a titan pilot should lose skill points because losing titan 5 is insane. But I propose something in the same realm.

If you die in a titan or a super carrier, you cannot fly a titan or carrier for x amount of time. Once you die a timer starts and you have to wait it out until you can fly one again. For example you die in a titan, you get a 15 day timer. But you can still fly a super carrier and vice versa, and a super carrier should be 50% less then the timer of a titan.

This would mean when a titan dies thats one less titan youll see again during your next engagment within a certain period. People catching supers out ratting would hurt. campaigns can be made or broken with fights. Strategy would actually matter over just blob it. You lose to many titans in one fight and you are gonna be hurting. Right now its just bring the biggest super blob. Lose it replace it within the day. Its a bad system.


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Good idea?


1 level off your ship skill if you die

submodule V skills are like 5D, titan V is like … 60 days ?


You need 50 stealth bombers, give or take few, to kill active tanked rorq, and then pilot dont lose skills, meanwhile tech 3 cruisers users lose SP when their cruiser dies.

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Strangely enough, im fine with super and titan losses resulting in sp loss

Edit: i would even suggest that it takes a certain amount of sp so it wouldnt be a whole lvl, but loss another titan or Super within X-time limit. Incure a larger loss of sp.

a T3 u can modify to get different roles a regular ship not , thats why you lose 5 days not 30-60days

bring back watchlist so they can be hunted again?

Boring. Another dumb pubbie proposal how other people should have additional penalties on their playstyle.

If you think the stakes are too low on your ship losses you can always commit to buying 20b in CODE. shares every time you loose a ship. Should bring the excitement right back.

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