Support is no help, can anyone else help?

I’m trying to play on my NVIDIA Shield via GeForceNow and I’m able to log in and join a queue but then it crashes with this error message - Cannot connect to EU West Error code: 80030018.

Not sure what the problem is as I can then log in and play with no problems on my Macbook.

All I get from Support is a standard 'we are experiencing DDOS attacks keep trying and I don’t believe it has anything to do with it.

I’m hoping I might get more assistance here.

There’s a DDOS problem going on…

But why can I log on and play on my macbook and not my Shield? Do they use different servers?

Cannot connect to EU West Error code: 80030018.

That’s not an Eve problem.

(Aside from that, your Mac is a connection from where you are to TQ. geforcenow isn’t. That’s a different route, via someone else.)

Thanks Steve

This is now making sense. So Probably a GeForce issue then.

I’ll look into that with Nvidea.

What?! No thanks to me? *tsk tsk …some people…

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Ive heard of problems from the Nvidia Shield thingy, applying to this or other games.