Surgical Strike – Coming 15 April

Yes and the ability to write posts doesn’t make you intelligent.
That’s probably too harsh. I’m just really not willing to discuss this.
There’s no point. I’ve gone through all of this more than I want to admit.

You’ve written a good post. I shouldn’t be mean to you. Sorry.



Or just replace some offensive mods with tank mods.

Or get better at keeping range/transversal. Heaven forbid you have to put some thought into isk printing.

Or quit…

Oh the strategy is to have fewer players, that’s the scarcity CCP is looking for. OK, OK.


Actually you are exactly wrong, in a sandbox you make your own content, the devs keep the box balanced.


Industry is going to be fine. In fact I am going to make even more profits now than ever…

actually why do you even speak for industry players? any industrialists wants more destruction… it means more isk.

40K+ online last Sunday.

EvE is dying /s


You’re assuming a whole lot about what I do and don’t know. Please project your ego somewhere else, I couldn’t care less.

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Oh my god lvl 4s are so easy, change your fit


Seriously, you should buff the tank on every thing to make them last longer…you nerfed moons, destroyed the economy, and made everything more expensive to replace.

Stop nerfing the game, you have everyone stuck at home then decided to ruin peoples source of solace in these F’ed up times is not helping. LEAVE the game alone, give us the moons back, and wait to poke the sleeping bear when this COVID stuff is over.


I don’t require others to know if i am, or am not, an expert in something. I can’t even trust that people are capable of understanding when someone knows more about something than they do. Most people don’t seem to be and that’s all there is to it. “Pearl before swine” or how the saying goes.

Pretty much this.

Also the HP buff for BSes will make bombs even harder to use.

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Yeah, we all know he had nothing to do with Band of Brothers… Then there was Hulkageddon, backed by him to keep their carebears mining at higher levels. Then CODE. was born out of his (we’ll call him James now) tantrum when CCP buffed barges & exhumers. Sort of a permanent Hulkageddon for children who are useful idiots, but with pathetic and demented religious cult role-play.

This is 100% reverting back to ~2009 era corruption or it is 100% ignorance on behalf of CCP. I’ll let you decide which it is on the next Meta Show.


Post 670!

I want all of you to stay safe and healthy in real life …
… but die a thousand deaths in the game.


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Nor does the ability for you to write ‘tens of thousands of words’ over 8 years make your analysis correct. If we wanted to go that route, I promise, I’ll win. My individual articles on INN and TMC tend toward 3-10k each.

The point is that there’s a lot of complexity involved in the player numbers, and trying to boil it down to ‘this one thing happened and that’s why’ and ‘reverse this one thing and it all goes back’ is fatally flawed. The biggest problem with getting old players back is that once new behavior patterns emerge, we stick to those as rigorously as we did the old ones.

The biggest problem with attracting new players is all the goddamned competition for peoples’ time. The NPE needs to be fixed. It needs to be fixed hard. It’s needed to be fixed for a decade, and they’ve been working on that.

Right now, it needs to be fixed in a few different places. First, it needs to communicate better and more clearly. It’s trying, but there’s still a bunch of information overload and needless complexity. Second, it needs to handoff to the rest of the game better. Maybe that means preparing the player for going from the environment of ‘we tell you very little in confusing ways’ to the environment of ‘we tell you NOTHING in even more confusing ways’. Maybe it means actually improving the way the game communicates with players in general. I don’t know, but I definitely have a suspicion there.

And people aren’t going to un-have kids. Their lives aren’t going to magically get simpler. As long as you’re pushing a narrative of ‘just change it so it’s like it was 10 years ago when younger people had simpler lives, fewer options, and there weren’t already established power blocs with over a decade of experience managing large numbers of people in the game, AND EVERYTHING WILL MAGICALLY REVERT!!!’ is… well… dumb.


CCP, can you please confirm that this math is correct? If so, it’s not nearly as extreme as it first looked.

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You should try using all that tinfoil for wrapping food for frozen storage.

It seems pretty boneheaded to make a blanket change like this. I am sure Nullsec brawls need more blood, but what about everyone else? How do you, repeatedly, make changes for Null without the rest of the game crossing your mind, CCP?


The biggest change coming in this update is a 20% reduction in the power of all modules that increase shield or armor resistances.

A 20% reduction is [Bonus] * 0.8 == [New Bonus].

It’s kinda simple.

This is precisely why I don’t listen to the Meta Show.

Yeah, but a lot of people are reading it as 55% resist going down to 35%. I just want to see it in writing that you’re right, and not everyone else.