Surgical Strike – Coming 15 April

Actually miners now will be making even more isk…

All these changes and nothing done to remove the need for time dilatation in big fleet battles. With removing major ISK making mechanics and increases to ship losses, the PLEX sales you’ll drive with these changes will more than offset the loss of subscriptions come mid-April, earning much needed revenue post CCP purchase. Well played Pearl, well played…


CCP if you want Battleships to participate more in fleet activities you need to further decrease their travel time, and give them useful roles that only they can perform !!!


But this change does not mean more destruction overall. It means more destruction is some areas and more risk aversion in others. Even just in ganking, if your indsutry is geared around the mass production of the Talos, then the reduction in the number of them needed for a freighter gank is not inherently good, even if elsewhere miner ganking goes up.

Overall though, the people who think like you tend to not really understand the scale of the EVE economy. For the most part things will balance out and you’ll make no more after than you did before. But what these changes do is make industry an PvE players seem like they aren’t getting a fair balance and makes their gameplay more monotonous and that pushes people away.

During a time when everyone is forced to stay home, sure. That doesn’t change the overall downward trend and CCPs own admission that retention is a problem.


You should, because I have no idea what that guy is talking about, lol.


Well, then you need to actually get their attention, by doing things like:

@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Rattati - can we get confirmation that the 20% reduction is in fact [Bonus] * 0.8 == New Bonus[1], and not [Bonus] - 20 == [New Bonus]?

They’ll have a harder time just seeing ‘CCP’ in the thread. :wink:

1. Or even [New Bonus] == [Bonus] - [Bonus*0.2], which is exactly the same math?


Sounds like you need more CTAs to visit your articles from da big boss in Wiscahnsun. You guys can form twice that to gank a ratting Praxis with supers. Come on.

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I don’t do the forum wars thing much, so any pointers are appreciated, thank you.

We can form… 6-20,000 words? What?

Edit: also, since I’ve got access to the analytics, trust me, my pieces get plenty of eyeballs. :wink:

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The additional Heavy fighter Tube on Supers will be a 6th Tube, or only the Heavy fighter Squadron limit will be +1 (4) instead of 3?


lol …

Do you have any idea how long people have cited this as a reason to turn EVE into a care bear game?

Just because one market is bigger than another doesn’t mean it is smart for a company to abandon it’s core competency for a different market. In fact switching markets is generally considered to me a major business error.

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You ruined that game CCP! So the only logical to fix it and get more subscribers is to restore the game backup from 2013!

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You could have avoided a lot of the negative posts if you had said that in the blog.

Putting it 300 posts into the threadnaught kind of makes it look like a “oh heck we should say something on this” response.


Which is fine, you’re (supposedly) not seeking external validation, but we know you’re not so you trying to pretend you’ve got some authority on a subject over another player is only really effective if you’re only trying to convince yourself. To the rest of us you look like some random deciding that quantity of posts makes you an expert.

You know who you remind me of?

That track record a the most prolific poster :rofl:

It wasn’t “one thing”, it was many.
Why are you saying it was “one thing”?

Not for a nieche product like EVE. You’re correct when you look at mainstreamers playing mainstream games. Then that’s hard. When you look at EVE players though, it’s not. When you’re the only one providing a specific product for a specific audience, which CCP does, then that audience is going to come.

We’ve been reaching 40.000 players this saturday (sunday?) …
… and lots of people are in “quarantine”.

Those people aren’t playing any different game. Those people are playing the game that’s heading back to where it belongs. More people will come, because EVE’s once again going to be the only product that actually gives them what they want: A proper, actual openworld full loot sandbox PvP game. The only game worthy of being called an MMO.

Your post hints at you seeing people as victims. This is mostly true for many, but doesn’t change that there are many who aren’t. There are many who are smart, self responsible and self reliable. The mass market is no good audience. Too much competition, too stupid people. Literally. Mass market games always aim at those they can milk the easiest within their specific demographic. Smart people also tend to spend less money than … lesser smart people.

You’re not completely wrong, but your perspective on people is … sad. There is actually also potentially no need for an NPE. CCP should not hold someones hand. They should not play nanny. Hundreds of thousands of people did not require that for a whole decade. When CCP taking new players out of the hands of the older players things started going to shits.

What they definitely don’t need is yet another NPE as they had before.
What they definitely do need is for older players to take care of the newer ones again,
but defintiely NOT in the form of the current “new player friendly corps” which are mostly ■■■■.

Your post starts with something dumb … (“one thing”)
… and ends with something dumb. (“everything will magically revert”)

That’s not how things work either way …
… and you believing that that’s how I think isn’t my problem.

You believing that the game needs an NPE …
… when it really doesn’t …
… but the opposite, actually …
… hints me at you not understanding how people work. (in that context, at least)

I don’t blame you for that.
You live in a bubble, most likely surrounded mostly by idiots.

In any case … you’re no competition.

Thank you for the good post. :slight_smile:

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My legit question is; what are non-Null PVE’ers supposed to do here? Incursions already have to run 90% resist to be consistently successful. Trig content demands 90% resists as well. Is there some kind of plan here or are we just supposed to take more losses and suck it up? Redesign our doctrines and demand more from players in order to participate? I respect that change is needed, but this feels poorly executed as it stands. I look forward to being wrong, but until the numbers are clear we have reason to be concerned.


About the same amount of time other people have tried to use it as an excuse to allow more farming of newbies.

When did I suggest switching markets? EVE was modeled on Elite, a space trading and combat simulator, and was built as a sandbox with multiple valid playstyles. I’m saying they should keep to that. You’re the one that wants fornite in space by dumping all playstyles except combat PvP.


I’d rather do my weekly Necronimocon reading. Makes more sense.

Got yourself on a pretty high pedestal there huh?

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