Surgical Strike – Coming 15 April

Dreads and carriers apply dmg effectively to both subcaps and caps. Supers apply effectively to caps only. Simple.

Funny ha-ha I take it?

Actually there are several large companies today where the owner previously abandoned whatever market they were in to start something new and it became a huge success. It can be a major error to change, or it could be a huge boon. There are also plenty of companies that died through lack of change. I bet Blockbuster is wishing they had abandoned their core competency.


GJ CCP :+1:

How this will going to effect solo/small gang PVP ers? What kind of result CCP predicted when they applying this brawl changes?

I’m pointing out that you are saying that:

It’s ‘niche’. Goddamn, if you’re going to go trying to appealing to the authority of ‘I CAN USE LOTS OF WORDS’ at least try to spell them correctly.

This assumes that ‘EVE Players’ only play EVE. We don’t. Sins of a Solar Empire, E:D, SW:TOR, Lord of the Rings Online, ESO, WoT, War Thunder, WoW, FFXIV… there’s a huge number of other games out there that EVE players—people who were active and hard core in 2012—have migrated over to. Hell, a lot of them have found that guess what? If what you’re after is the excitement and thrill of fast-paced, small-group PvP… many of those games are better.

Yes, people are playing different games. EVE players didn’t logout of EVE and just sit around being bored for eight goddamned years. That’s not how human beings work. They established new patterns of behavior, developed new habits.

No, I see them as being people. Nobody is a victim of having a kid. Nobody’s a victim of getting a new job or promotion that takes up more of their time, or of getting into a stable relationship that takes their attention away from pixelated spaceships.

This is so pants-on-head stupid I can’t even begin to formulate a way to describe the sheer stupidity of it. Yes, people need to be given the information of how to interact with and within a 100% unfamiliar environment, how to get their bearings and learn to achieve their objectives, and even how to figure out what those objectives are and how to decide for themselves what their long-term goals are. That is what a NPE is, and the most successful newbie organizations in the game have been screaming for the need to improve EVE’s for over a decade. That’s especially true if you’re trying to get players in who don’t already know someone playing EVE (which is, ideally, a large vector for your game to expand its audience).

Well, it’s how you’ve presented your position. Consistently. So if you don’t consider presenting your position in a way that apparently conveys an impression other than the one you want to be ‘your problem’, well, we’re back to ‘dumb’.

Cuz ya are.

Well, I’m interacting with you, so ya got me there.


So how many tubes we’ll have in supers after this patch ?
4 (4xheavy)
5 (3+2 or 4/1 or smth like that)
6 (4+2 ?)

btw cool that you think that supers and titans are only tools for destroying structures. I rly enjoy killing a raitaru or two after hard day in job rofl.

No matter which nerfs or buffs occur, I’d like to join supercapital fights. One can dream… :drooling_face:

CCPlease add mutas for nerfed resist mods.

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He is right you had zero idea and insight to write couple of things here to answer about Solo /small gang PVP properely, So are just attacking and smack talking reflects only ignorance .

At some point it’s just enough. Dealing with so many people is exhausting. It also kind of takes a toll on people. Many grow bitter from reading and writing on the forums, constantly arguing with people who are simply incapable of understanding when someone else is right and they’re wrong.

I know how that makes me sound, but that’s just how it is. You know this as well. In fact, absolutely most people have plentifully come into situations where they’re confronted with others who do not actually know what they’re talking about, but just believe they do.

You know this.
I know this.

What most don’t seem to know, though,
is when it’s healthy to admit that they don’t actually know.

Like how you don’t know what Nicolai Serkanner is actually doing …
… and why he is expressing himself the way he does …
… and how he stands more for “freedom of speech” than, for example, you.

We’re not equal.
Some are better sometimes, some are worse sometimes,
some are always worse, some are always better.

“Welcome to EVE.”


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It’s slowing down, kind of.
The next wave will come eventually. :slight_smile:

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Sure. As industrialists I welcome these changes with open arms. Mining is also going to get a lot more profitable.

L4 missions will still be very much possible for solo players, not expecting this to change from small resist nerf.


I have a battleship with 51894 EHP, following your reasoning, I will lose about 10%, which is rough 5000 points, this will lower my EHP to 45000 EHP, it seems a lot to me. Probably I will not have to warp out to finish some missions, but I will for sure go closer to the ship’s limits, and this is psychologically annoying. That’s not to talk about missions against Guristas and their damned missiles that do a lot of damage…


But that already exists. Elite Dangerous is exactly that. The things that make EvE DIFFERENT from ED are what should be fostered, not aligning to their wide but shallow experience where player agency has very very little meaning.


it’s 0.2×-55% = -11 ppc . Don’t use % when you talk about a % difference.

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Lose 10% EHP is a small nerf for you? ON my battleship with 51894 EHP it will means go down to 45000 it’s a huge nerf

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Yeah, that’s legit. Fingers got ahead of brain.

you don’t lose 10% EHP.

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Can you please explain?

Good. I have already managed to earn 200M/h running L4 in hisec… and I don’t even do burners! anythign that brings these numbers more in line with risk is good in my book.

Also congratz on all the salt you harvested :smiley: