Surgical Strike Update Follow-up

The excitement of running the activity to a loss ?

Elevated heart rate, heightened alertness, the need to make rapid, decisive decisions - those are things that many people in Eve seek out. Yes, risk of loss is a big part of it.


The few who picked me off did such a good job, I wanted to join them. I just didn’t think they would believe me… :cry:

Edit; Everyone loves their favorite kill. I love my favorite loss! They even warned me! But I was to full of myself, :rofl: I was in mid warp when I had the :skull_and_crossbones: moment. If I had just warped to 100… :roll_eyes: :rofl:

yes that what we need in null sec, thousands of people in frigate blobs and taking out structures and caps

That sounds like a dream when can we start?

all of the changes listed in this post make total sense and make me feel like CCP does a very professional job of polishing the game to be honest.