Survey on Capsuleers' affiliation through time

Yeah, this being is waiting too…

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As others have already said, I am also really looking forward to seeing the results. As a off note im really glad that you took the time out of you schedule to make these as they do show some really intersecting data


You impress me with your conviction to saying two so very contradicting statements. By your own standards you are the Gallente Propagandist.

It is not your place to determine who is a loyal soldier of the State, that would be the State’s. If Ishukone was traitorous then the other Megacorps would have taken action. Unless it is your claim that every Megacorp in the State is incorrect in its judgement.

Heth however has been labeled as a traitor and enemy of the state by every single Megacorp. Stating that he is a hero simply reveals your true beliefs beneath the veil of a loyal grunt soldier, deviant from the State in whichever way you decide is acceptable at the time.

I don’t blame you for this. It’s admirable that you think for yourself. Simply you prove the exact point I was attempting to make. You are prime example of how two very differing opinions in the State can conflict and yet still both be loyal to the overall goal. Conformity is weakness. Ideas and beliefs are there to be challenged, but they make you no less loyal if the end goals match. This is why loyalty and affiliations are compatible.

Heth has many admirable leadership qualities that should be acknowledged, but he also had several severe flaws. Leading his forces from the front where he could have easily been killed, would have been an excellent strategy in space IF he was a Capsuleer. Inspiration and dedication to his people is an excellent leadership quality. It is however an abysmal combat strategy when you are a dictator with no ability to cheat death. You don’t put your entire leadership on the front lines and give the enemy the perfect opportunity to cut the head of the snake. You risk the collapse and stability of your entire empire if you die. His dedication to his people clouded his combat judgement. The fact that the Gallente couldn’t take him out is simply their failing.

Similarly, prowess in combat is the simplest display of power. Brutal and quick, it serves a purpose. Yet it is often less effective than subtlety and cunning. Heth’s brazen leadership temporarily made us stronger, but his incompetence almost bankrupted the largest Megacorp in the State. Why? Because he let his ambition and hatred blind him. Heth’s recklessness caused the destruction of the Shiigeru. He underestimated the military strength of the enemy. It was only by sheer luck that titan didn’t completely destroy Arcurio. Thankfully Ishukone was able to regain control of the city and put it back into Caldari hands afterwards.

You will never beat the Gallente through sheer power. Ishukone understands this. You have to beat them using their own ideals and rules against them. It is only through dominating them in their own system that we will truly win. Defeat is a state of mind. No-one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as reality, and that will never happen with CONCORD policing this mock war, so it must be accomplished in more subtle ways.

But by all means we’ll continue this charade. It is good training after all.

To Riika Okaimanen. I apologise for the derailment of your thread and will continue the conversation elsewhere if Ms. Kim is so inclined. I am looking forward to the results of your study.


Templis Dragonaurs.

Can you people stop replying to her? Or atleast move it to the off-topic thread? It’s pointless to argue with her and it only serves to clutter up this thread.


Who said that?

Except unlike you, I never slandering anyone - especially from the State.
You dare to blame me in that now? You doubt Ishukone collaborates with Federals? Take for example Reppola approaching Senate. Or, have you seen prisoner camps in Black Rise, have you looked inside them, how do you think which Mega doesn’t have their prisoners being tortured by gallente. If I would be Gallente propagandist I wouldn’t blaming them for collaboration with Gallente, since it’s goal of Gallente propagandists, to make more collaboration, not less. Thus your comment sounds, excuse me, way far from being smart.

And I didn’t say about their loyalty or treason, I blamed them in collaboration. You just make up stuff and put your words into my mouth - that’s exactly what gallente propagandist would do.

Exact referene of him being “traitor”. Date, time, quote.
Or is that another fruit of your sick imagination? I want to see exactly this word “traitor” coming from State authority.

If he would be a capsuleer - that would be an expected action, just a professional conduct. You don’t become a hero when you do something you’re expected to do. You become a hero when you do something exceptional and look in eyes of death.

And yet, he was’t the entire leadership. Right now we don’t have position of Executor - our empire does not collapse and does not die. He was a uniting stake for all Corporations. He gathered all us together to take the Home back. The State lived before and will live after him. Nor he had actual military rank. Without him we wouldn’t have took Home back, had to give it to him. But once the operation started, even if he died there, the Homeworld would be our anyway. And State would still stand where it stands.

Don’t blame Heth in that. The Corporation was almost bankrupted because it took responsibility to fund whole CPD. If other Corporations wold be helping more, it would be way easier. If it’s someone’s fault, it’s definitely not his.

Heth’s… ambition? :roll_eyes: Ambitions of Execuor, who don’t even try to fight for his position of Executor, preferring to fight enemies of the State? Really?

First of all, he TRUSTED Gallente when he signed that treaty of Luminaire after the Homeworld was taken. He believed that Gallenteans won’t try to invade our homeworld again and left there quite tiny guradian fleet.

Oh, I disagree with it strongly! We have way better army and fleet. We can defeat them absolutely. We just need to stop trusting them, because whenever Gallente sign with us truce or peace - they just use it to backstab us later when we don’t expect it.

I prefer to show them how their ideals and rules are wrong. But, technically, they themselves violate their own rules and ideals on a regular basis, that makes them look terribly hypocritical. If you play by their rules - you will lose, because they themselves don’t follow their own rules.

To defeat someone you really don’t have to make them admit it. You simply have to “hold the grid”. If they can’t do anything against you, why do you care what they think?

I seriously have to make a survey on how hard is for capsuleer frequenting the IGS read and understand to carry their political ramblings in appropriate threads. I fear the results would be… terrible at best.

Move your political (and questionable) ramblings somewhere else and stop clogging my thread @Diana_Kim ; even if I fear there is no better deaf than someone who doesn’t want to listen.


How dare you invoking my name on the forum without saying anything substantial or not topic, yelling at people with foam at your mouth like that?! Who do you think you are? Cease your rants at once or at least don’t include my name in your “quality” posts.

If you have any request to me - fill an appropriate request form and send it to my first mate’s secretary. If both the secretary and the First Mate will find it appropriate and sensible without such rants as you gave here, I might consider… reading it.


Seriously, folks. You’ll be much happier if you just block her on the forums and the channels.


Wait that is a thing you can do on these forums. Oh God why didn’t I know about that

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Basically it says that this user does not want to receive answers any more, is survey canceled for some reason? Sorry if someone already asked this, i did not read the other posts.

Sorry @Mega30000aka. The good news is that the report is due soon, however.

These are the consequences about interacting with an extremist. Needs more patient for similar subjects…

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More patience is indeed needed but I dislike a scientific work being shadowed by the political ramblings of anyone.

Then, she is nowhere close to be my superior so she can ramble as much as she wants.

Yes the Survey had been closed a few days ago when I announced I was starting to work on the report.

What you call “scientific work” for Caldari (extremists one mainly) is “Gallente propaganda”. You know that they don’t accept any kind of opinion, thought, point of views out of theirs one.

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@Ange_des_Larmes @Riika_Okaimanen ah ok, thanks for the answers!

Good day,
I’m pleased to announce it’s finally time to release the report for this survey.

You can find it here .

Thank you for all the partecipants as well as to Dr Mizhir Devara for the help provided in analizing the data and writing this report.

Thanks for reading,
Riiika Okaimanen


Ah I was looking forward to the outcome of these results. Quite interesting. I would be interested in the statistics around the main reason pilots left each Empire. I imagine business would be high for the Caldari.


Please publish names of those “Caldari” who disgracefully defected to Federation and Republic. The State needs to know the “heroes”!