Survey on Self-concept and gaming

Hello friends,

I’m currently enrolled in school and part of my course requires me to ask for people to take this survey. It is 10 questions and deals with Gender, Gaming Habits and Subscription status. It’s completely anonymous will help me in finishing my degree. Thanks in advance for anyone that takes the time to complete it. The link can be found below.


It mentions World of Warcraft. Sorry pal, but I can’t justify filling that out now.

Page 1 stops after the 4th question and we can’t see the rest before starting.
1 age
2 gender
3 current sub to social mmo like wow ? (y/n
4 if so, how often per week? (in a typical week)

typically, most weeks have 7 days
except the months start / end weeks which 7 days goes over the other month.

What happened? I thought I was going to get a coupon or discounted magazine subscription or something at the end?

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