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I am final year Psychology student at the University of Dundee, Scotland. I am conducting my research dissertation on MMO gamers and their mental health.

The research project will focus on examining MMO gamers’ thoughts and feeling towards their game-playing and towards the guilds to which they belong, and how this impacts upon their wellbeing.

We usually find that WoW players are the ones most studied in research and we would love to expand to other MMOs in order to get more diverse research.

Therefore, I would be massively grateful if anyone would be willing to fill in my questionnaire. The questionnaire only takes around 10 minutes to fill in and is entirely voluntary.

The link is

Many thanks in advance!


Evaluate our mental health? No need, we’re fine…just peachy.


Will complete your survey. I like the not-just-WoW approach.


Under relationship status where is the
"It’s complicated" option for those of us who are single but living with our child and baby momma just trying to make it all work out in some twisted way or are polygamously married to our multiple personalities? Come on, It’s 2017. Give the world a little more than just the generic norm that no longer fits.

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Perhaps - but I didn’t give an email and don’t care if I’m revealed to be a nerd and/or depressed or not. What useful information are they going to get? Operation Wizard Hat gonna steamroll me or somethin’?

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The worst part is that they also study carebears, and they probably think these are mentally healthy people to pick for such studies. Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhh, riiiiiiiiiiiight. :roll_eyes:

Did your survey, but I suppose I’m an outlier as usual. Was hoping for a free-text field to give some background information, but there wasn’t one.

Going to complete it now :slight_smile:

404 Error: WoW player found

As an ex WoW player now playing EVE I feel like I’m spoiling your attempts at diversity and turning this logic on its head :upside_down_face:

Then again, strange hybrid people who play everything and can’t be pigeonholed add diversity too, right?

I like to think I’m a gamer defined by gaming rather than by which game :thinking:

Another grumble… You ask about alcohol use but not any other substance. If someone is a heavy opioid user or say a pothead, shouldn’t you ask? Wouldn’t that impact the results?

He’s an eve spy :male_detective: :nerd_face:

Thank you for your participation!

Thank you for your help!

Thank you for your time!

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Good point, thank you for your feedback!

Can you confirm that this means that the most addicted and most easily manipulated set the bar?

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