Survive mails?

Ganking is great. Harrassing carebears is great. I’ve never had my heart racing so much when a bunch of psycopaths and bullies try to ruin my day. No game since the eighties has ever had me so scared! It’s just great! Yes, I’ve been caught a couple of times and I’ve lost a couple of ships. Meh. No big deal. But what annoys me is the dozens and dozens of times I’ve outsmarted the juvenile school shooters but I can’t prove it. I’ve got nothing to show for all the carebear fun I’ve had. I therefore present the concept of the ‘survive mail’. Put simply, if you survive an attack where CONCORD intervenes, you get a gold star. I’ve seen probably billions of isk in ganker ships burn at the hands of concord but I get no credit for surviving. We hear these wankers talk about how much isk they have destroyed but there is no record of their embarrassing fails. ‘Burn Jita’, anyone? I truly believe this would create a new level of content and interest in the game. Imagine a guy with a reputation for outsmarting gankers, with an insane number of ‘survive mails’, being targetted. Every ganker wants to beat this guy. CCP, are you listening? Discuss!


When we’re at it I’d like to see theft mails too. I’ve stolen billions upon billions worth of stuff but no way to showcase it. :neutral_face:


Totally agree with that as well! Not sure there would be a way of recoring that, unfortunately. But the ‘survive mail’ could easily be detected in the game mechanics.

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I would like to request a bump star as well then.


Okay. Now you’re taking the piss. Lol.

Have multicore CPU.
Record your game using OWS.
Put the good parts on youtube.

Achievement unlocked.

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Thank you, sir. But what I’m really getting at is having an automatic recording of it like zkillboard. Gankers don’t need to youtube and use special software.

Your survive mail is your ship. Killmails are rarely useful for anything but Intel. If more people forgot they exist the game would be more fun

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I actually agree with that, but that’s not the game we live in. Gankers get to dominate the conversation because of killmails and at the same time they have their spectacular fails, at the hands of carebears, not recorded.

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Yeah but who cares? I know, you do, and it sounds like you want something to brag about, which is why I suggest videos. With these you can show off.

Using some sort of survive-mails will only end the same as people whoring on CONCORD mails with 0% damage, chest beating about the mail. The same as with all the losers who chestbeat about being partof a killmail involving a dozen others.


I get your point, but if your own satisfaction and pride in your achievement is not enough, then all you really want is having something to chestbeat about.

Achievement unlocked, you lived another day. Congratulations, what an effort!


Why are Carebears so special that they should get some recognition of not being killed?

Fights happens every day in all security regions of space where people don’t die for one reason or another. This happens far more regularly than the very tiny percent of ships that have ganks attempted against them in highsec.

No one else is crying for a badge to show they didn’t die in a fight. Nor should they.


I’m surprised nobody mentioned this, or maybe I’m wrong, but if you have even a single combat drone out, won’t you get a killmail for the gankers that got conceded provided you dealt at least one damage? (Or fit an ewar mod and activate it)

You accumulating code catalyst killmails should be enough to prove how awesome you are…

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Yes, if you have a drone out and set to agresssive, they will automatically engage and you’ll be on the killmails of the gankers and can post them to zkill.

However, not all ships can use drones, or other modules that can be used to whore on CONCORD kills (eg. freighters).

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Fair enough… I typically think of miners when thinking of ganks, but freighters indeed cannot do that. Oh well…

Maybe CCP should give them the same target painter as the… monitor was It? :rofl:


Survive mails? That’s a wonderful idea!

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That is no longer the case. I think it changed when they used to agress you if you attacked their MTU, so you could get a limited engagement timer this way and kill their ship. Such good times :grin:

Now they will never do anything that will cause a limited engagement, which even agressing a ganker would. Back when they did you could pod them “for free” without a sec status hit.

But yeah, he could simply be at the keyboard and let the drones engage manually and get a killmail and even some bounty money. Does that fix it for you @Magnus_Witchspace ? (well not for Freighters, but they are capital ships, so require an escort anyway)

It won’t if it is an MTU, mobile depot, etc. that is attacked, but if they attack you directly, the drones should still aggress.

I could be wrong though, but I thought that’s the way it was changed (this is why I stay out of highsec, I’m not smart enough to cope with aggression mechanics).

I used to regularly get limited engagements from miners with drones out, this is not longer the case. I only get one when they actively send the drones my way. This had a direct impact on people who rep their sec status, since they kinda depended on this to kill the pod since that gives a massive sec status hit.

They probably have them on passive because I can confirm from personal experience that indeed your drones auto engage if someone shoots you without issuing a command if they are on aggressive. Surely the case when an npc attacks you or at least was the case at most a month or so ago.

Yeah for NPCs it is different. For players it does not automatically agress

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