Suspected CCP Stations

I know I will get some flak for questioning this, but I suspect there are some player owned stations hosted by CCP and/or their employees.

I was looking into the IChooseYou Corp since they own so many stations and conduct market business at their stations. ICY Holder, as far as I can tell, is the only member who has zero history in the game. No one just walks in on day one, builds a mess of stations, and sets up shop without any PvP or PvE record.

I am assuming this is here for CCP to buy up player items (super cheap) and prevent the market from collapse? My friends all disagree and tell me, CCP doesn’t do market manipulation. The economy is all player driven. I guess there is no sure way to prove this is CCP’s station or not.

I was told, ICY Holder is an ALT just for the company, but they are so huge, and yet only 1 member. To me this smells of shenanigans.

Okay now you can all tell me what you think. o7


I think IChooseYou is affiliated with the null group Pandemic Horde to defend them if someone were to attack those structures.

At least, that’s what some older posts on this topic say. And when clicking around in the corp history of ‘IChooseYou’ I see it’s is also shared with a bunch of characters with Pandemic Horde history in their ‘Mr. Clean Corp…’ corporation.

I’m not exactly sure about the details, but it makes sense for a high sec structure corporation to have the back up of some of the bigger coalitions in the game.

After all, the Tranquility Trading Tower (TTT) keepstar also was backed by null blocs while it lived.


TTT use goons I thought.

Condensers that used to be only available in data sites are now being sold at NPC stations for LP.

This is player driving economy?

Change my mind.

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Sounds like you made up your mind already.

But for others: CCP made this game and designed all item sources, item sinks, transport options, taxes, etc. They have all the levers to change the economy and will do so from time to time if they think it improves the balance of the game.

Within that game there’s a player driven economy.

Complaining that CCP made a new item source or sink within the game they made seems a bit silly to me, when everything about the player driven economy in this game is indirectly a result of CCP’s design of the game.

CCP does however also directly interfere with the player driven economy from time to time, like when they sell ships for PLEX. This kind of direct interference should be removed, if you ask me.


To be fair, data sites were pretty much ignored due to being basically worthless, god knows i always sighed anytime i found one because i knew it wasn’t actually worth hacking because the rewards sucked, so likely that is the reason behind the change to having them also available in LP stores

The LP still has to come from players so i’m not sure how less of a player driven market that is, there are lots of other things that only have sources that require LP aswell

Its less player driven because it creates an artificial price anchor to the NPC store, rather than the market cost being allowed to reflect the rarity of the item in the game and the effort involved in its acquisition.

Put another way, If the condensers cost 100 million each, do you think people would run data sites, more, less, or about the same?

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They would have to be worth 100mil in order for people to want to run data sites, like i said the ISK return on data sites has always been notoriously bad so people generally ignore them, CCP tried to spice them up by adding new things to them but it didn’t work

So kind of made sense to just add them to the LP store so that supply chains could happen, not really seeing the issue myself

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If ‘supply chain’ was the only determination for some items to be fully ‘player driven’ and other items not, the logical extension would result in all items being available in NPC stores if people do not get value in their collection.

At that point, might as well just start selling ships for PLEX.

Calm down miner.

i was assuming everyone does that … use an alt Toon & Corp to own stations in Highsec, so having a toon that was born when the station went up is pretty common, at least thats what i do :wink:

Deploy the structure.

  • create a new toon, train Corp 1, create Corp, transfer structure to the new corp and bingo
    toon, corp & structure have the same birthday :wink:
    the toon owns it then never even been in space.
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Gas prices can be manipulated.

The second CCP adds gas to NPC LP stores, do you think prices for gas will go up, down, or stay the same?

CCP can and does manipulate the market in an effort to maintain balance. This is rarely direct and not always intentional - they can have an enormous impact simply by rebalancing a ship like the Rorqual. Ideally, everything in the game would be player produced from harvested raw materials but we don’t live in an ideal world. CCP has limited development resources and has to choose between creating new content or renovating the old. I’m still hoping to see player manufactured meta modules - they already exist for capitals and the named components are in the game but it’s been around 8 years since they were promised so I’m not holding my breath!

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This is completely normal. The meta for people that want to have Player Owned Structures but don’t want to actually have their members be susceptible to wardecs is to spin up an alt, have that alt own a holding corporation, and then deploy structures under this alt corporation. It is also known as a “holding corporation” because it holds the structure ownership.

Pretty much anywhere you go, this trick is being used.

IChooseYou is particularly special because it is the above but backed by one or more powerful nullsec based groups who have agreements to cartel-ize highsec trade. They agree to back this holding corporation jointly from wardecs, with a profit sharing scheme. I don’t know the details of the cartel agreement, but that is how it is.

Whether you want to be more cynical about CCP employee alts is up to you, but it comes across as tinfoil hattery as ever since the T20 incident (which is the reason the CSM was created) involving Reikoku (the corp I’m in) they have been pretty strict about internally monitoring the “normal” accounts of CCP employees.


… including IRL

the CCP comment was probably “reasoning” for someone making 6isk more than someone else/themselfs so it must bei either a crime, scam or insider trading …
since putting in an effort isn’t really somethings that counts this days anymore
in EVE and in IRL (sadly)

not to mention that if that actually would have ben done by CCP, i highly doubt a keyboard worrier would uncover it as they can just as easy create that trackrecord as well :wink:

that’s because not all players want to be capitalists, some just want to have a Job, which is fine … just like IRL (study, get a job to make someone else rich, have a kid, buy a house, die) in Eve (do PVE bring materials to the people that make things with it (and get rich by selling you the ships you lose doing it), and die as much as possible in the process)


Getting a job means having the best ISK per hour ratio. If you’re not in that top manager seat while working two other jobs and you are also NOT converting every single penny you earn into ISK, you’re not being serious about the game.
In that case, you really have to start asking yourself if EVE is the right game for you (probably not).

With efficent regards
-James Fuchs

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Is this a joke?


Safe to assume OP is absolutely serious.