Sword of God

Ijan Jarati’s office inside the Intaki Syndicate Bureau in M2-CFI is quite lavish. One would not expect a logistics manager’s office to be this nice. However, managing the shipping terminals of one of the most prestigious stations in Syndicate has some perks. Ijan’s pride in the Syndicate was evident by his office. A large gold Syndicate logo graced the wall behind his desk. Blue track lighting glowed behind the logo illuminating a brick wall. Ijan’s desk was made of dark wood and faced towards large windows that looked out to the docking bays, and a beautiful large rug made on Intaki Prime lay on the floor perfectly accenting the decor.

Trajon didn’t often visit his father at his office. He knew that he was a busy man, as was Trajon. Ijan was a true Intaki. He rarely spoke unless it was something that needed to be said. Trajon had never seen him lose his temper. There was a method to everything he did. Trajon often wondered why he had not inherited this trait. He couldn’t be more opposite from his father. Trajon was outspoken and had a temper that could burn a hole through the hull of astrahus. As different as they were, the bond between them was strong. Ijan had paved the way for Trajon to become a Capsuleer. Few were the number of Capsuleers who grew up in the stations of the exiles. However, Ijan knew all the strings to pull to get his son everything he needed. Ijan always had a purpose.

“Hyevit suprab my Son. Good to see you.”

“Namas father. It’s always a blessing to see you as well.”

“Please, have a seat. Can I get you something to drink?”

“I would love Woijunnos wine if you have it.”

“Certainly,” Ijan said with a smile.

Ijan walked to his ornate drink cabinet against the wall and opened it. As he poured two glasses of wine, he spoke while still facing the bar against the wall.

“I have to admit that we were a bit surprised by the bold move of Khimi Harar expanding into our system. However, after the large influx in market activity inside the station, Mr. Kandashi is extremely pleased. We have always had a great relationship with members of SynCo, but now that there is a concerted effort by them to grow a market here, we are even more excited about the partnership.”

Ijan turned from the cabinet and walked to Trajon and handed him his drink. Standing over him, he placed his hand on his son’s shoulder.

“I am personally pleased that you have aligned yourself with the Governor of Saccade.”

Ijan turned and walked back to his chair. Trajon held his glass by the stem and inhaled the aroma of the wine through his nose. Then, lifted it to the light and twirled the wine in the glass inspecting the legs. Finally he took a sip and savored the taste in his mouth. Very few things pleased him more than an exquisite glass of wine. Trajon held his glass up to his father as if toasting him and smiled, and his father smiled back with a small chuckle.

Trajon paused for another moment savoring the after taste before speaking. He didn’t want to rush the moment away. Finally he allowed himself to speak.

“You aren’t as pleased as I am with all that is going on currently. I have revered the Governor from afar for a while now. I am honored that she has allowed me to fly under her banner.”

Ijan nodded in agreement then said “Hetil Bairiit, I believe that translates to Dawn Frontier, am I correct?”

“You are father. And it is a new dawn now to be sure. Not only for the M2 Station, Khimi Harar, and SynCo, but for me. That is why I asked to meet you now and not wait until you were back in your quarters.”

“What is it that is perplexing you Trajon?”

“You know of my awakening to the Faith and my aligning myself with an Amarrian group like Khimi Harar. I have told you the story of how God called me to him at the Cathedral in XS-XAY. I wasn’t able to grasp why all of this transpired as it has. I can only imagine how confusing this has been for those I have been close to, including you I would assume.”

Trajon paused to take another drink. He looked at his father who didn’t speak, so he continued.

“But alas I have clarity father. Something profound has truly happened to me. I had a vision in my sleep.”

Trajon leaned forward and placed his glass on his fathers desk. Ijan looked intently at his son as he leaned back in his chair and clasped his hand over his stomach.

“In my dream I was standing on the plains of a moon in Mehatoor looking out to the Sun. I was just a skeleton with a single small flame barely alive and burning where my heart should be. In my hand I held a sword with an ivory white grip and gold guard and pommel. On the pommel was the symbol of Amarr. I held up the sword and read the words inscribed on the fuller, and it said By His light, and His will. Just then, men in rusted armor began to rush at me in ones and twos. Now an even more strange thing happened. As I struck them down one by one, The flame in my chest grew hotter and hotter and my flesh slowly began to restore itself on my body. I stood on the plains of the moon striking down foes until the sun was directly overhead. I looked up to the sun and the light of it filled me with joy and my body had been fully restored. Where the flame had been, a new heart now beat.”

Trajon dropped his head and looked at the ground. The son and the father sat in silence for several moments. Still looking at the ground, Trajon was barely able to speak without trembling.

“When I awoke I knew exactly what it meant. I am a sinner. I am currently dead in sin.”

A tear ran down his face.

“However, the Lord showed me that I can be redeemed if I choose to be his wrath. I have been chosen to be the sword and vengeance of the Lord against the Unholy. I have two choices. I can continue in sin and die, or I can go on Holy Crusade and live.” Trajon looked up at his father, “I am choosing to live.”

Ijan finally spoke. “How will you know you are finished? How will you know you are redeemed?”

“I’m not sure, but until I am, I will only wear my combat armor. I will only fight alongside my brothers and sister of Khimi Harar and those they align with. I will slay His enemies until he says that it is finished.”

Ijan looked caringly at his son. Then, he reached into his desk for something. Once he found what he was looking for, he stood and walked around his desk to Trajon.

“Take this data card and find this man. He is a Bishop in the Amarrian faith and an expert in combat against the Minmatar. He will help you on your quest. Secondly, spare no expense. I will keep you funded with all you need. Finally, I will leave you with one piece of advice, and I want you to remember this. Always trust your instincts, they will serve you well. God seems to have chosen you and he will lead you. I have never been a religious man, but I have always believed that God is real. He will lead you.”

Trajon took the card and hugged his father.

“I will do as you say.”

At that, Trajon walked out of his fathers office and headed to the hangers. As he began to board his Imperial Navy Slicer, he looked up to the windows of his fathers office. Ijan stood in the windows looking down at his son. Trajon paused to look closer at his father. He wanted to remember this moment. Trajon realized that Ijan was looking down at him with pride.

Ijan didn’t need to understand his son’s cause, he understood that a man had to live by his convictions. Ijan knew that his son was a warrior. He knew his son was resolute. He was proud of the man he had become.


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