Syndicate Mission standings

I currently have -2.8 standings with the Syndicate but would like to be able run missions for them if possible. Will grinding these standings back up, plus then blitzing missions (obviously ignoring all missions against Empire Factions as well as Storyline missions) affect current Empire Faction standings? I’m currently trying to grind them all up in order to run all 4 Faction Epic Arcs…


Running normal missions will not impact your empire standings unless you shoot Empire faction ships.
Running the Storylines will over time as your Standing to The Syndicate increases and this increase has negative impact on Empire factions who view The Syndicate as hostile entity. I would imagine Gallente are among those standings that you will lose. You can check the standings of the empire factions and other pirates towards The Syndicate in the respective Empire’s Show Info window. Since you want to run missions for a pirate faction, it is inevitable that you will receive lots of missions against Empire factions, predominantly Gallente I would say.

If you are worried about standings, here’s a tip: Use a dedicated alt to accept and run the missions. It does not take that much time to train a Gila for L3s or a Dominix for L4s.


Each of the level 4 Epic Arcs have a starting Agent belonging to a certain Corp. To access the level 4 Epic Arcs requires +5.00 standing with either the Faction or the Corp. If using Corp standing for access, the Faction needs to be above -2.00 standing.

The Epic Arcs give a large Faction standing increase with no derived standings towards the other Factions. However some of the missions will incur some small negative standing hits for ship kill. The easiest way to access the level 4 Epic Arcs is with Corp standing. All Epic Arcs can be redone 90 days after completion.

The level 4 Gallente Epic Arc allows you a choice to complete it for Gallente or for The Syndicate.
The level 4 Amarr Epic Arc allows you a choice to complete it for Amarr or for Sansha.
The level 4 Caldari and Minmatar Epic Arcs only allow you to complete it for their Factions.

I suggest running missions for Impetus Corporation and after gaining +5.00 Corp standing, you can then start the level 4 Gallente Epic Arc and complete it for The Syndicate (as long as Gallente Faction is above -2.00 standing).

Make sure you have Social, Connections and Diplomacy skills trained up. Social skill increases the amount of standing gained for completing missions. Connections skill increases your current positive standings and Diplomacy skill raises your current negative standings. Also might as well train up Negotiation skill to receive max mission payment and Fast Talk to gain max security status increase.

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