System info display bottom right corner

How do I remove the annoying system info display on the bottom right corner of the screen?


I want to know too, it flashes and changes color and it’s really distracting and annoying.



I rather like it i wish i could get something like this on TQ maybe without the build date build time platform just Frames FPS MS and draw calls

It’s a known bug in the current Sisi release.

also after mirror there was few bad things…

  • when you onlined pos you could not anchor anything because shield was at 0%
  • verification emails were coming 1-3 hours later so adding new accounts was impossible (right now its fixed but one of my accounts still has this issue)
  • entosis link loves to keep going even after succeful capturing ihub/tcu

anyway removing procurer 2 mid slots…stupid move. mabe it has sense but impacting speed agility too? procurer is downgraded to retriever…

hulk outmines rorqual now. owning rorqual is futile as its mining force was reduced to oblivion (somewhat good change) rorquals are gonna be again boosting machines,finding more than 1-3 rorquals in system will be normal… say byebye to 30 rorquals mining same system

skiff loses 1 mid slot and 1/6 of tank too.

basically all mining barges survivability has been reduced,procurers cannot anymore withstand belt rats in null/low sec. skiff will struggle but can manage.

i have did mackinaw and skiff research too…

region - fountain.
system - serpentis prime
fleet type 4 mackinaws
fits 2x t2 CCC 2x true sansha power diagnostics 1 syndicate dcu . 3x pith a type multispectrum hardener 1x a type pith small shield booster 2x ore strip miner drones full sets of augmented hobgoblins and capacitor implants… hardshell dose 4 booster (mandatory) strong blue pill booster (mandatory)

first encounter - 1 bs 2 frigs . i alt tabbed between clients and targetted the bs one after one and sent drones. none of barges did take hurting hits at all bs died pretty long

second encounter 3bs 3 cruiser… one mack started taking hits,focused fire on cruisers then first battleship one mack half shield one bs pops then later second and third… end result 1 mackinaw had tiny armor damage but notthing else…

4th encounter 3 cruisers 2 battlecruiser,easy mnagement cruisers exploded great,battlecruisers too and no armor injury to mackinaws

5th encounter 5 cruiser 1 dread… 2 mackinaws died 2 mackinaws warped out but one had only 70% hull left. the last barge was undamaged.

region changed to delve… things got bad because blood prophets were neutting my mackinaws so they cycled between them. all four ended with hull/armor damages,had one mackinaw destroyed but 3 blood raider battleships and 3 cruisers was winnable still,just damn neuts.

skiff research…same as above but used augmented hammerheads augmented infiltrator drones…region fountain and same system - serpentis prime… the results were identical so could still defeat 3 battleships this time no dreadnought spawn so all 4 skiffs returned to delve… the neuts were less hurting skiffs,still were painful but managable better than mackinaws,none of skiff had hull damage,some just armor but survived all odds.

conclusion… expensive mackinaw fleet can survive nulsec mining agaist battleship rats but only on bling state,on tech2 and faction fitting they will not survive long eoungh without regular combat ship near (i.e leshak as guard or drekavac as cheap mining booster+guard)

tech2/faction fit skiffs will survive the battleship rats as good as blinged to max but still need guard. they still can take alot of fist-to-face hits but will not survive longer than before… skiffs are nolonger mining fortification…

tech2/tech1 mining modules generate alot of waste, the doule sized belts are notthing in compare to waste,half of belt is lost,half of belt is mined so its like pre-changes… tech1/tech2 guys will just mine less due to waste…

ORE strip miners,ORE mining lasers.
they looks great but are high gank targets,they will consume whole double belt

mining orca - useless solo mining now
mining rorqual - no longer mining king because hulk mines now more than maxed out rorqual.

what about mining non-miner ships?
mining rokh is now lust legend,nolonger useful without ore modules same goes for navy geddon navy apoc,praxis gnosis. this is true end of mining battleship era…people used to mine in praxis alot,now due to waste this not gonna be much frequent.

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Did u try orca mining with the compact industrial core Because its my understanding the orca kept its 100% drone mining bonus and got 125% bonus from the compact industrial core

as for battleship mining The only people that ever mined in a battleship did so for the novelty of mining pre Mining ships. after mining ships it WAS Never profitable to mine in a battleship A venture out preformed mining in a battleship

right now on main server i did see many people mine in praxis battleship. its quite popular alternative to venture,mines less but more capacity

not hardly the venture has a 5000m3 Ore bay i’m pretty sure the prexis doesn’t have a 5000m3 cargo bay

pur 3 cargo rigs 7 t2 cargo expanders in low slots and you easily go over 5000, exacly 9996m3.

with t2 rigs its 10884m3

even still its more Isk/hr to mine n a venture then a battleship

true. but still alot of travel so you spend more time emptying your venture in station…yes venture is best option but if compare to capacity praxis wins.
anyway i spent whole month in amarr monitoring all asteroid belts day after day and did see usually 2-3 praxis. sometimes people were using miasmos or gnosis,seen one apocalypse… what wil change after update? they will extinct…mining will be not good and new players wont be encourage to do so with that waste 100%

dude it takes less then a day to train into a venture new characters right out of the box can fly it within a few hours of play. its not a big deal

New miners won’t mine with 100% waste? Are you afraid high sec is gonna run out of Veldspar??

alpha miners will be impacted by 100% waste unless they buy ORE miners that are like 300m a piece… no way. so alpha accounts will be less miners and more go into wormhole/null/low exploration and combat site running… if too much people will be on exploration ccp will nerf it to oblivion some year because they never listen to player feedback and ignore csm feedback. thats how rorqual/orca mining has been now annihilated and procurer/skiff are degraded to retrieer/mackinaw roles. skiff just bigger drone bay but same slot layout as mackinaw and procurer is now having same slot layout as retriever.

OHHH one playstyle is gone…procurer bait.yes procurer used to be best bait ship to really generate content,especially in wormhole.

now you have to go back to store dig out your old rusty drake hang it on hook and swing it back to field hoping some stratios bite the bait. or change drake to passive regen nereus/prophecy…anyway it was fun while lasted…

I think you are misunderstanding how waste works. With the doubling of resources, mining with 100% waste will get you the exact same amount of ore from a belt as before the change.

There is no downside, and only upsides to be gained by improving skills and equipment.

I’m also having difficulty dealing with the debug info on Sisi that the original poster mentioned. It’s exceedingly distracting and rather than actually doing anything in Sisi I just logged out.

Nice derail tho, Amak. This is now a pony thread.

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