System Security Ratings

Lorewise, how were the system security ratings determined? Some of them are pretty random, like clusters of 5 or 6 systems that are only accessible through low sec but are themselves high sec. Even a random high sec system surrounded by Low. (and maybe outside the scope of this forum but outside of lore were the s ec status’s decided randomly?)

A system’s security rating is determined by the presence and size of the Nation-State’s armed forces in that system. A higher level is indicative that a large amount of military forces are currently deployed in that system, and thus is assigned a security level befitting that from CONCORD.

If I recall correctly, Sarum Prime used to be a 0.3 security status system until a large number of starships from the House Sarum fleet massed in the system, causing an alteration in the system’s security status as a result.

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I’ve never really understood why Villore - seat of the Gallente Federation Senate - is only a 0.5 system, and Ladistier - Home of the President - has a security status of only 0.3!


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well, Jacus Roden isn’t exactly squeaky clean. its no surprise that he would prefer to live somewhere without the same amount of concord over sight.
I think the gallente home systems having lower security status is also a bit of a nod to the fact that despite the gallente being the “democratic freedom loving good guys” there is a lot more shady ■■■■ that goes on there than the glittery surface would indicate.


Presidents come and go. They aren’t going to put massive forces plus fleet bases in just for a few years.
The Senate may not want lots of armed ships around as a possibility.

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They do, but I’ve always taken Ladistier to be the official residence of the President, regardless of who’s in office.

There was no relocation when Roden took power after Foiritan.

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