System security status displayed in Regional maket?

Now that Personal Assets is displaying the system’s security status in front of the system’s name, why can the Regional market display not do the same? Is this by design?

it’s by design and no, please… we need incautious people to pick up their purchases from systems without first checking their security.


Even if the regional market showed security status of the location, you don’t know if the route goes through certain security status or through systems occupied by hostile factions, so you might buy something in high sec, but find that you need to go through dangerous systems to get it!

Sure, system status, route information and whatnot could all also be added to the market UI, but don’t you think the market would be cluttered with all that redundant information?

The current situation is fine; you just open your map or set a route if you wish to know more about the location and safety of that route.


I can already filter orders by Sec (low, high, null) so this is just a matter of convenience really :slight_smile:

To lure buyers into Low and Null, please use price :wink:

I second this, I think it would be nice to have sec status next to the system in market.

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