Stain systems and space for sale heavy protection.

  • Ice Belts

  • R64-R4 Moons :new_moon: :full_moon:

  • Missions up to 2b/hr

  • C.R.A.B Beacons :crab:

  • Limited SRP

Inquire for further details at Anti Weeb Coalition

still looking for more renters

can vouch, systems are secure :smiley:

stain is npc space and is never secure.

nowhere is 100% secure but its better then you will find anywhere else in the region :slight_smile: if you want to run L4s, rat, or mine in peace this is a great place to do it.

yea and as its npc space, anyone can and there is zip all that can be done to keep them out so why pay you? What you are trying to do is charge protection money in npc space.

because we have an agreement with the largest 2 groups in the region to stay out of our constellation, meaning theres few people looking to hunt you

still looking for people, gotten some new renters recently and would love you to join!

Damn I know where we are roaming, back to my roots!

Hello, how much is rent for me to live in 37S-KO they have nice ice belt there?

Lol what idiot would pay for this???

Good sir, not need to belittle my request with a insult, i am making a genuine inquiry to this fine gentleman who obviously understands the game play and regional politics well enough to make rental proposal for this region.

join the discord we will help you from there:)

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If you want to pay someone else to play the game… its up to you… but paying rent for a free icebelt is like being charged a tax on the air you breath.

But you do you… so long as you are having fun lad.

Discord cant join

discord got deleted due to a hack, new dc is at Anti Weeb Coalition

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