T U S K Announces Grand Opening of 'C O N O C O' Refinery

T U S K Announces Grand Opening of ‘C O N O C O’ Refinery

Placid Region / Slays System, [TUSK]: T U S K Corporation is pleased to announce that it will be holding the “Grand Opening” of its Athanor refinery in the Placid Region, ‘C O N C O’ (the “Refinery”) on May 19th, 2020 between 1:00 pm and 2:00 PM EST. Tours will be offered to interested parties and, there will be fireworks and entertainment provided.

TUSK has been working diligently since its opening, as announced on May 19, 2020, in order to facilitate the installation of its Athanor Refinery. Upwell Consortium contractors have assured TUSK management that the equipment installation will be completed and continuous-flow of the Refinery’s production will be achieved in advance of May 27th, 2020. TUSK continues to make progress with respect to implementing a cost-effective ore refine solution.

James “TUSKER” Mac’Call, President & CEO of TUSK, stated "We are extremely excited to announce the Grand Opening of our Athanor Refinery, which has the potential to be the greatest refinery in the Placid Region. Our Athanor Refinery is engineered to convert multiple different Ores, into high grade renewable minerals. We will be flipping Long-limb Roes and serving Spirits between 1:pm and 2:pm EST, while providing some Fireworks. Given the limited space for Offices it will be a first come. TUSK looks forward to welcoming its stakeholders, shareholders, public figures, vendors, the media and all others interested in learning how TUSK is going to make the system a better place for generations to come by changing ore waste into renewable mineral’s.

Rewards for docking and taking part of the Grand Opening

  • 1st 25 Pilots docked get Capsuleer Elite XV Cap (Men/Female)
  • 1st 10 to Dock get a free Quafe Zero
  • Spirits & Long-limb Roes will be served to pilots requesting
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Bump - Its today

It’s been really fun! I hope for a long and fruitful venture!

We had great fun today and gave out a lot of free stuff at the C O N O C O Refinery in Slays. Thank you to everyone that came and supported us.

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