T1 filaments are too big

As of this moment, the T1 filaments are about 10m isk each. Since each filament takes up 10m^3 each in the cargo hold, an explorer will get a return of 1m isk per cubic metre. That’s a pretty awful isk/m^3 ratio, and it’s only going to get worse. We’re not far from the point where explorers will just avoid data sites (again), in order to preserve enough room in their cargohold for mobile depots, modules and other loot. Maybe CCP can reduce their volume?

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Bring a bigger ship…?


Relic loot = 0.01m^3
Datacores = 0.1m^3
Filament = 10m^3

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You did not think this through.
What you are suggesting will only speed up the process.

Less volume means more being transported at once …
… which leads to more being offered on the market even faster …
… ending in a lower price, faster than before.

Your idea would only make it worse.
The time spent posting would be better spent farming.

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Good points.

I also think the filament price is inflated at the moment. I ran one data site, got two calm filaments, and never needed to run a data site again since the abyss sites I run keep me constantly supplied with new filaments. (I use one, and the site drops 2 or 3.)

I’d hoped that data sites would become worth more, but at the moment I’m pretty sceptical…

Have you considered killing people who run the sites?

Either suicide ganking them at exit …
… using a catalyst, or better a Vexor …
… or attacking the suspect ones?

I am completely out of the loop, but assuming that the official stats are saying that many people never make it through the higher tier sites, I would wager that lots of successful ones exit the sites in damaged ships.

No, they either cannot tank the site and die, or they can tank the site and return undamaged. If your tank is slightly over what is needed to rep the incoming dps, by the time you’ve killed half the rats you’re tanking comfortably and you return with full health and nearly full cap.

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