T1 Tachyon Beam Lasers offer no real choice

This is a listing of the current Tech 1 Tachyon Beam Laser stats:


These are uninteresting choices as the Meta 4 is best in every possible way. A more interesting and actually better fit to how your avatar develops via the skill point system would be to have weapon stats set up such that you would find the activation cost and cpu requirements rising as the benefit of increasing optimal and damage modifier also rises.

So, the new module stats become:


Now as a newbie pilot you choose the Meta 0: Beam Tachyon because it is the only one your fitting skills allow. As you fitting skills improve you move up to the Afocal, Modal, Anode and finally, when your fitting skills allow for it, you get the Modulated Tachyon because it offers the best optimal and damage modifier.

I realize this situation probably exists throughout the T1 design schema and addressing those would be awesome as well but Energy weapons in particular are brutal to fit and equally brutal to find enough capacity to run them and this change would help out a lot for new players and those choosing to remain alphas.

Lastly, im not asking for an overhaul of items beyond T1 because of the time it would take and host of problems it would cause.

But that do not solve the problem of no choise. Also, they are planning on remaking all Meta Mods and be more like the new XL Weapons and the Ligh Missile Launchers. Just be patient.

This is module tiericide. It’s an ongoing thing. It just hasn’t reached subcap weapons yet.

Hopefully it can pick up pace again now that we have a dedicated balance team.

Currently there is only one choice that makes any sense, Modulated all the rest are inferior in all relevant ways, with my proposed change you get to chose the weapon system that best fits your skills.

How is this not a better choice situation?

With your proposal, there is no option not even for new players, because they NEED to choose the one which fit them and not the one they want. And for me is still no choice to make at all with 126M Skillpoints and all old players.

The better solution is to give choice which fit the situation you want, like better tracking or range or Fitting(Less CPU and/or PWG). With this now you have an option and a reason to use them, even if is situational.

By the way, for you what is choice? Because this is not.

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yeah you missed that memo from the csm.

Your attempt to ‘bait’ me into a nonsense discussion about adding range or tracking bonuses to a weapon system that will never get them because their fundamental design is based on crystal swapping for range changes the benefit of which comes at having no tracking options is just trolling.

There are other things put into the game where choice, as you define it, doesn’t exist either like CPU enhancement because newbies have to have it to make a fit work until they have the skills to make the fitting work without the need for a CPU assistance crutch. By your definition this isnt a choice either but CCP put those options into the game precisely to address the same issue im suggesting. So, both I and CCP disagree with your narrow view of the concept of choice.

Also, since you have chosen to troll instead of contribute and I’m sure that you will continue to choose trolling over constructive discussion, i will not be responding to any more of your troll posts.

Uhmmm… above is not baiting you. That is literally what CCP said about future changes. I mean I don’t know where you are getting bonused differences from nobody mentioned that. But the individual modules will have more broadly different stats. So instead of just one having the best damage mod, others will have better Tracking and some will shoot longer. Giving all of the options relevance. Your version of it literally just gives a progression to which gun should be on your ship. A progression that at most would last 3 months based on the current skills you have trained. It must be fun to start a discussions then be incensed to snippy ■■■■■■■■ levels by people contributing to the discussion. Hopefully I experience it one day.

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@Tristan_Valentina Thanks for your response and support.

But instead of telling him/her what is the plan, as it seems is not going to read and assume that CCP didn’t take a look to this, I think is better to show him/her.

Comparison of XL Beam Lazors, where you can see the differences in them and this is going to be the plan for SubCaps:

And here is Fanfest 2014, where the concept of Module Tiericide was introducing, and not only for Guns but for everything.

Here an Update in 2015:

And was mention that maybe the Gun release in Summer 2017, but wasn’t possible. Stay tuned for Fanfest 2018, If not mention, I’m going to ask for it.

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