T2 Large Projectile Turrets worth it?

(Chainsaw Plankton) #21

indeed, gun/launcher specs to 5 are mostly done when you get to the point where you have nothing better to train. Or if you really want to specialize in one ship, or similar ships that use the same weapons system. One of my characters has a few spec skills to 5 because they are used with some of my favorite ships, but skipped most of the other ones.

well prepare to be shocked, faction ammo is +15% dps over t1 and that is almost always worth it. Constantly firing your guns only costs something like 10-15 mil/hr, consider all the time you spend docked, reloading, waiting to target, or in warp, and the cost of ammo is going to be what half that? Every break down I’ve seen showed the extra damage increases isk/hr more than the cost of ammo.

I suppose you could make some example of taking 2 hours to run an angels extra where you shoot more in ammo than the bounties are worth but in a case like that you would be way better off dropping down and running lv3 missions.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #22

Absolute maximum damage is always required. Drop those 5-6% implants in your cranium. Get a Machariel. Put on those dank Polarized 800mms. Train that nasty spec to V and get some Abyssal Republic Fleet gyrostabs and faction ammo and watch the rats get mulched before your lock has registered.

Buy high grade ascendancy to get to those degenerates faster to blow them the f up. Decline every mission that isn’t blitzable and make your agent hate you but have to deal with you because you don’t answer to them, you answer to the faction. F them.

In the end you’ll only undock the Machariel for Scarlet and Silence the Informant for those sweet sweet drone AIs. The rest burners. Pimp out your hangar with burner frigs including dank polarized Garmur and daredevils. Annihilate the pathetic pirate frigs in less than a minute and get cash. Wreck those idiot Talos and get faction mag stabs to hang off your mirrors.

Your agent is a btch you should treat them like one. Pencil pushing pusses. Tell em you don’t have time for their bs cargo delivery and decline any storyline that isn’t combat.

Throw a pimp cloak and mwd on that nasty Machariel and put your sunglasses on when suiciders try and catch you riding dirty at a gate.

Get paid. Buy skins. Buy plex then trash it. Laugh at Marauders while you finish a complete mission before they even fly two jumps to start theirs.

(elitatwo) #23

Aren’t those not super expensive for 10-ish % and zero resistance?

(Sepheir Sepheron) #24

Expensive is a word for people who don’t put everything into what they do. You wanna do missions might as well do them the best and fastest you possibly can.

(elitatwo) #25

Condescending is a word that describes people like you.

(Anderson Geten) #26

I agree with him, expect on the polarized thingy.

When you make a living of something, any % gain in time/reward is worth taking.
shave cost, reduce time, increase benefits.

eg I always farm in 1h-session. This is the time my pyrolancea has an effect. it costs a few millions, but can increase an hourly direct isk gain from 100 to 120M (not taking LP into account nor loot, which is even more)

(elitatwo) #27

Those pills are kinda new to me and I am currently trying to make them a habit to use whenever possible.
While I am training on SiSi, I am making good use of the overclocker pill and hardshell sometimes and a peak on the market tells me they are not so expensive I couldn’t afford them.

(Anderson Geten) #28

I have over 2B of those (all types included) from the events.
I did not even take them into account when I was doing the event.

Now I can’t see no reason to not use them …

(Chainsaw Plankton) #29

I was thinking of doing a few test runs with a 5% pyro back when they hit ~5mil each, they dropped down in the 2-3mil range with the last event, I think they are worth it under 5mil, but if you are seeing a jump that big they would be worth it at an even higher price. Maybe it’s even worth buying the 7% version?

and for what it’s worth a handful of LP stores seem to have gone up to the 3k isk/lp range, not sure if that will be a short or long term thing, I imagine most of that is because of people rolling faction damage mods, but still at 3k isk/lp that should make non-soe running viable

(Anderson Geten) #30

Sorry but taking into account truesec of the system, geography to reduce travel time, ease of transport and sell, lanngisi has been a bad isk/lp for a while now.
The only thing lanngisi LP still has for it is

  • market volume of items
  • reduced standing hit
  • best truesec of all HS
  • does not need tags

the bad part is

  • low true isk/lp
  • chances to go to LS makes it more difficult to keep good standing with agent
  • items have a big volume compared to bpc that you can bring and build in jita
  • gankers nest means you should avoid using uber blinged ships


I think that the gain from booster is not that important, considering most of the time you are traveling. On a single burner agent, 2 jumps away, 6 AU/s , 4salign

  • (4 * 3+10 * 2 )*2+session_change = 74 s, to change ship, take gates and align
  • warp time for a 30AU jump is 12s accel/decel + ± 24/6 = 4s cruise => 16s. For a 11AU jump it’s 14 s, so total is (162+142)*2 = 120s more for warp (plus time to take gate and warp in gate)
  • That means total 194 s just from undock/travel on 2j in a 4s align, 6AU/s ship; 30 AU wide systems. almost 3 min. And most ships don’t have 4s align, nor 6s AU/s; and many systems have more than 30AU wide.

(I made an agent guristas in 4 min, even had the time to select next mission, one jump away just before DT)
The effective DPS is much more than what the booster indicates ( because of regen), however the part of the time it is applied is less than 50% (I think it’s even less than 40%)

time from the moment I started using weapon to kill for a few burners (random vid I made , so not average, not best)

  • agent angel : 1:0 (forgot to OL at first)
  • agent blood : 2:30
  • agent guristas : 1:00
  • agent sansha : 0:35
  • agent serpentis : 1:22
  • base angel : 3:10 (including refit and moving to the hauler)
  • team enyo : 1:24
  • team jaguar : 2:20
  • team vengeance : 2:10
  • zazzmatazz : 1:0 (mach T2 fit with hypers and 3 gyro)

I guess I should time the kill with and without boosters. I just … well it’s too much work.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #31

Sorry man was trying to motivate not condescend. We all started somewhere.

(elitatwo) #32

Oh? How did you kill all those infinite fighter waves in 4 minutes?

(Anderson Geten) #33

agent guristas, not base :confused:

(elitatwo) #34

Oh that worm, nevermind.