T3 cloak

“This is a Buff to them”

It need more CPU and power then all the cloak so you will have less over all CPU and power left to fit the ship.

it will allow you to warp while cloak.

It will allow you to lock on a target while cloak.

It will allow you to shoot said target while cloak but if you do fire then you will be hit with a mass debuff of 75% less fire rate and you will uncloak and cant warp off for a short bit, but if you wait to lock on the target then decloak then you won’t be hit with the debuff.

Only allow on t2 and t3 ships aka the bombers and t3 Strategic Cruisers

Allowing it on bombers…

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Look at the end.

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Cloak is already powerful, it does not need more power.

Was not a question.

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Look at the mass debuff i made up for it, At most if there a pack of players that your hunting then you going to lose a ship here and there due to you cant warp off for a short bit and will have a mass debuff to your fire rate.

I’m trying to figure out what role this fills and what kind of counterplay it allows.

Because it seems to me like a device that would facilitate kamikaze bombing runs, where the bombers only become exposed after they release the initial payload.

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Or point someone without the possibility of counterplay.

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This will allow bomber runs be more like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT2X5b0tyDI

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They are already like that…

But while you are cloak, you cannot be targeted, so you shouldn’t be able to target someone. If so, you will be able to point and cyno anyone without the possibility of counterplay at all.


There’s a reason T2C and T3C have recalibration delays. They’re entirely too tanky, and it would 100% promise tackle on literally any ship they want to tackle.

This is entirely too OP, even if you take away their ability to fire the first volley cloaked. Additionally, the CPU fitting penalty is reduced to 0% with most (if not all?) cloaky ships, so it really wouldn’t impact them at all.


But my good sir, that can only change that to where only the t1 and t2 get that buff and not the t3 :smiley: so you will be hit with a CPU fitting penalty

Recons in general have an abundance of CPU. For the purposes of 100% instant tackle, a pilgrim for example can easily fit 60k EHP with a very small amount of bling. That also gives it a co-processor, which would easily offset any kind of CPU penalty. Remember, all it needs is tank in the lows, a point, web, neut(s) and a cyno along with this cloak.

Bling it up a lot and not only will the fitting still be easy, but the tank and utility go sky high too.

In any case, you have to balance the CPU needs between bombers and recons, which have extremely different CPU values.

Pre-locking a target while cloaked is too OP in any situation where you can do anything with it.


yes the bomber will get a buff so the cpu fit hit won’t be as hard but you cant truly fully fit it, like missing the bomb launcher and only having torps or bomb launcher only and no torps something along that lines

Like I said:

If you make it so that the fitting penalty is so excessive that they cannot properly fit their ships, you’ve made the module worthless because while they can lock, they can’t do anything productive, and they’re better off using the 0 recalibration delay covops cloak (on bombers).

If you make the fitting penalty such that they just have to gimp their fit a bit, you’ll see them use it for initial tackle on hunting ships only, with regular covops on their actual DPS ships. Hunter ship can just warp off after their cyno cycles down.

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well it’s going to make them change their fit a bit but Not by a lot at all, that may have to use the meta items fitting stuff to fully fit if they want or have one less t2 module for high/mid or low slots

You’re looking at it from the eyes of a solo player. Look at it from the eyes of a 50 man bomber fleet.

I can literally fit a Pilgrim with neuts, 66k EHP, and tackle, and leave 30% of it’s CPU un-used. 130 CPU. That’s with the most expensive module costing 40m. I can free up 18 more CPU and increase the tank to 72k EHP if I faction the eanms. I can swap the point out for a scram to free up 8 more CPU. The rest of the mod slots be damned, I don’t even need a prop mod (cyno).

With a point, web, and neuts, NOTHING is going to escape. I only need 2 seconds for secondary tackle to bridge in, with no fitting restrictions at all. One T3C with remote reps on it and I can promise you won’t be able to kill the hunter, cyno or no cyno. Even a HAW dread wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

The initial tackle is the problem here. I can lock you up and point you before you have a chance to do literally anything. I won’t need to worry about the warp penalty because I’m lighting a cyno anyways.


Locking while cloaked is ridiculous.

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Completely unnecessary. Bombers can already launch attack runs while cloaked. They simply uncloak, launch, align ,GTFO and cloak (or stay and apply dmg with bonused torps) EX:

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You align before you decloak, dummy.

  1. Align
  2. Decloak
  4. Spam that warp button to whatever you aligned to

Christ, where do you learn that you bomb first and then align!? Guess it’s necessary when your FC is ■■■■, but any half-decent FC should be able to pull it off…

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Thanks for the correction …but you get the drift

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