T5 navy or augmented?

hello i have a question when in abysal should i use augmented drone instead of navy ?
Your better muted an augmented or a navy ?

What ship are we talking about? I fly an Ishtar for T5/T6 Exotics and use a Mixture of Navy and T2 Drones, totally sufficient.

The Caldari Navy Wasps tank like bricks as long as there are many ships left that aggro drones (or these nasty Anti-Drone-Structures). Or if there are only small targets in the pocket. Once the pressure on drones has calmed down a bit, T2 wreck down the bigger targets with ease. Usually the pure Kinetic-Damage results in a higher total DPS in an environment with -70% Kinetic Resistance than an Omni-Profile (Geckos) or splitted Kin/Therm in Augmented Drones.

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