T6 loot is amazing


T6 gives about 2x T5, the abyss in general is like that t5 is approx 2x t4 etc etc. I filmed one of my runs and got about 174 mil in just one go!


My experience is somewhat different had time to run 3 T6 exotics in a GILA and looted all the cans on all 3 sites.

2 sites loot wise it was the same as a T5 exotic.

1 site gave 174m but that is because I got an unstable webifier mutaplasmid, without that mutaplasmid the loot would have been close to what I was getting running T5 exotics.

Again my experience is but a very small sample size. Getting 174m loot one time does not mean that I will be getting that amount of loot every time.


But it makes for a better YouTube video title. :wink:


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