Tactical Camera Not Showing Lines

My tactical camera no longer shows any lines. It’s identical to my Orbit Camera now lol. How do I get the lines back? I’ve tried restarting the game and I have NO idea what settings I changed to cause this

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Lines as in the rings that show distance? Or lines as in the individual lines you get for each object/target on field?

The lines that show distance do not show up. Without those lines, the tactical camera just looks like a zoomed out orbit camera. Its a bit frustrating since I rely on those

Again, are you talking about the lines that are circular on the grid that are 5km apart and create a ring around your ship?

If so, try the buttons in the column left to the camera buttons. One of them switches the circles. You can have them with the orbit camera, too.

Ctrl + D
Tactical Overlay - I believe you are looking for that :v:

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i believe 3 months ago he would have figured that out…

I agree.
And I believe he is not the last one who will look for it.
Unless Im missing something… :nerd_face:

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