Tactical Camera Not Showing Lines

(Alec Kivisto) #1

My tactical camera no longer shows any lines. It’s identical to my Orbit Camera now lol. How do I get the lines back? I’ve tried restarting the game and I have NO idea what settings I changed to cause this

(Solonius Rex) #2

Lines as in the rings that show distance? Or lines as in the individual lines you get for each object/target on field?

(Alec Kivisto) #3

The lines that show distance do not show up. Without those lines, the tactical camera just looks like a zoomed out orbit camera. Its a bit frustrating since I rely on those

(Solonius Rex) #4

Again, are you talking about the lines that are circular on the grid that are 5km apart and create a ring around your ship?

(Rolf Rollardo) #5

If so, try the buttons in the column left to the camera buttons. One of them switches the circles. You can have them with the orbit camera, too.

(Asia Andomer) #6

Ctrl + D
Tactical Overlay - I believe you are looking for that :v:

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #7

i believe 3 months ago he would have figured that out…

(Asia Andomer) #8

I agree.
And I believe he is not the last one who will look for it.
Unless Im missing something… :nerd_face: