Tactical Overlay Visibility

Hey folks, I’ve been watching some videos by Amelia (https://www.youtube.com/c/AmeliaDuskspace) and I noticed that his tactical overlay is setup very nicely, however, I couldn’t figure out how to do this myself.
Here are a few things that I noticed mostly from this video: 2021 Small Gang PvP MegaMix I - YouTube

  1. All ships are “highlighted”, meaning that no matter what ship he selects on the overview, he can always see the ship type and distance for ALL ships. For me it only works for 1 selected ship regardless how I set filtering on my overview.
  2. Lines seem to be very prominent. This includes concentric circles around the player’s ship, speed arrows on other ships, arc lines connecting other ships with the player’s plane.
  3. Distance is bold red. I didn’t find the option to set this on my client, for me it’s always white (bold white).

In this photo, you can see that there is a capsule on the overview, however it is not highlighted in space.
You can also see in this photo that some of the concentric circles are barely visible.

I can only put one photo in the post, but once I click on the pod, it becomes highlighted and you can see all the info (ship type, user name, distance). Distance is in white and not bold.

that is the tactical view that you can push

Go to this address (or something similar)

And add bracketsAlwaysShowShipText=1 at the end

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