Tagging improvements

Currently there are 9 individual tag hotkeys.

Why not extend the number of hotkeys that can be set to cover all tags (0 → 9, A-> I, X->Z)?

Is it possible to have more letters (the whole alphabet)? This would be good too.

The use case is that i have one person doing one letter/number tag and currently if it is beyond the (A,B,C,X,Y,Z,1,2,3), they have to manually r-click on a target and then select the right tag. In PvP, this is slow and unwieldy.

For the first improvement - surely this must be easy to add to the keyboard shortcuts list?
The second would be nice too if dev time permits.


Not just 1-9 as in the picture, but 0-9 should be there

and why not the whole alphabet? A → Z

Also the tagging lockout timer (when you make alot of tags, should be reduced)