Tarkanian invasion into a Highsec

Triglavians are actually Tarkanians. I also discovered they are from planet Tarkania, with a leader named Tarkus. I cant disclose my sources because that would be dangerous for my informant.

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What’s a Tarkanian?

Tankian Invasion… :laughing:

Either this is an intergalactic summit post gone wrong, or we need to find Tarkania and death star it.

We call them “Triglavian”. Somebody spilled he beans. I know that from very high ranking person.

How old that name is and how much it have connection to recent Triglavian history and events is not disclosed at this moment.

TIL that Otters made it through the Eve Gate.


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He’s back?

From the source that was revealed to me, an ancient Tarkanian poem written in triglavian letters, it looks like they had suffered cruelty in civil war and whole planet was conquered by this person/machine called Tarkus.
Tarkus himself, or actually a mix of machine and man as the descriptions include technological words (even turrets at one time), seems to be some sort of superhero like you would meet in legends, fighting monsters. His person seems to be idealized and described heroically, poem have character of a panegyric, but it also shows Tarkus as the person one should fear. Every phenomena described looks like there was emergence of catastrophic events and giant, cybernetic (half machine, half animal) monsters surrounding the space they were in, in part and as effect of the waged wars.

Poem includes words meaning “priest”, “minister”, “war”, so I assume they were religious people with some sort of government.

Tarkanian poem ends with the prediction of peace, and indeed it looks like Tarkanians became much more pacifistic since then, civil war ended in part to Tarkus conquering every faction, the specific to Triglavians trifactional structure emerged and only recent events made them awakened from the peacefull period. In part to capsuleers.

Thats actually very revealing, but it doesnt say anything about from where they came originally since EVE gate collapse, how did they come to that Tarkania and why they were fighting in the first place. Looks like writer or writers did not want to write that, or poem is only a part of some larger work. :thinking:


Are you telling me that this thread isn’t actually a joke thread?

OP you really shouldn’t be trying this IRL…


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