Tash Murkon a region forgotten

Hello fellow poddies from new to old but mostly to pertain to the old… What has happened to Tash Murkon region?

What do i mean? Its market is in shambles…

Years ago when i use to be there the region was prosperous and abundant in goods almost on par to what Domain is like. One of my old corps (on another char) was one of the 1st to build a providence freighter when capital ships 1st came out and now after many years there is hardly any trade there.

The agents are just as abundant as in domain and the resources are rather on par if not better in certain areas yet its practically a ghost town.

I am curious if anyone knows any historical background as to how this came to be?

But none the less if your looking for prime market to start an industry Tash Murkon be perfect to start it since the market is practically empty.

I don’t know if CVA is still active by its boarder but use to bring commerce to and from them.


Population shrink. Less individual people doing Indy so the few focusing it super hard sell in one place for convenience. Information on the big trade hubs is more readily available. Citadels in the area with market hubs pay a fee or die horribly so its not worth it. Take your pick

Smells like opportunity


no not forgotten just sold and moved to a real bad part of the region :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a look at the region map, and it’s 90% high sec. Ewwww gross!

CCP made some changes to the region many years back, redistributing ice anoms and some graphics changes as some systems were so dark you couldn’t see anything. Some groups moved in and others couldn’t adapt so they left.

I remember when Tash top station was filled with goods and the prices were better than Amarr.

I have to admit that over the past few years I have used the Amarr shops only. I still pricecheck Tash as an old habbit.

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Last time I was in Tash-Murkon like a year or 17 months ago. That time the region was very industrially oriented, compared to other Ammar h-sec regions (like 50% of The Forge activity). Almost in every system were like 5-7 industrialist ships flying there and here.

Possible reasons for the changes: new moon mining, Providence war, higher War-decs activity, high supply of cheaper resources by 0.0 alliances, changes to renting (many players joined to the Imperium/Legacy renting program).

I began a nomadic voyage through Ammar regions recently. So, yeah, Tash-Murkon region and its markets are pretty cold now as Khanid and Devoid. It is difficult to buy charges and drones there even. For example, the only available market in Khanid is a NPC station in Agil, as I remember, where prices are very high. The nearby player industrialist stations were on Hull-timer. No marketeer will try to make ISK on these markets with these taxes further. For returning or new players, I’ll suggest to hang around Kor Azor (which is well designed) and northern Kador. Looks like the Tash-Murkon moon mining activity sux and almost all players moved to the northern Kador where many moon mining systems are.

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