Tatara Hi Sec - OP or Dead?

I have been theory crafting a Tatara with a basic Hi Sec fit. They seem to output 3k DPS quite easily with fighters DPS included. I am missing something our are these very powerful against most Hi sec adversaries? They can’t bring caps and I would expect losses to be hi is the Tatara can web and scam a ship at a time.

Do Tataras usefully get targeted by larger groups? Is there a ECM or other tactic that overrides a Tatara defense I am missing?

Any tips fitting a refinery you have found?

If people want a structure dead, it will die. Your “OP” Tatara will die just as easily, regardless of the fit.

Hi sec is conceptually ■■■■■■ up and you can put whatever you want in it and the end you will failure …

Fighters go boom a lot faster then the structure.

Have a sizable defense fleet on standby. Else your station will die sooner than later. It’s by design, that Upwell structures can’t defend themselves against serious attacks.

remember that the benefit of a tatara for the refinery is the same as an athanor, plus the rigs are much better in LS than in HS, and the ore is also much better in LS than in HS.

Doesn’t tatara give 4% boost vs 2% on the ath?

I wouldn’t say it is irrelevant for the HS though. Mining in HS is easily doable AFK and it is better to waste a little bit with worse refining than to haul stuff to refine in LS and then back.

As for hard to destroy - well, first, someone would have to want to destroy it. Then, it gets pretty trivial if it is a fleet vs a single structure lacking other defenders.

3k DPS is easy to tank. There are ships that tank that solo. Let alone logi or spider tanks.
Also you have to also apply that DPS as well. Missiles don’t apply perfectly.

True, but in reality you only get an additional +1% yield for Athanor and +2% yield for Tatara. if you really want to get more yield for the buck. Athanor with T1 rig is probably cheaper than a Tatara, according to my calculations Athanor is roughly around 700m ISK to build while the Tatara is close to 6bn to build and I don’t think the T1 rig costs 5.3bn ISK (haven’t checked the price of it)

Of course there’s the defense capability that also greatly increases on the Tatara, but as it’s in highsec I would think you’d rather be able to replace it, the structure, quickly rather than anything else, if you do not have the capability of fielding a sizable defense fleet.

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