Tax Rebate Season-Is there one- If not why not?

With the amounts we all pay towards Tax does Eve hold a tax rebate season? To go with the monthly economic reports.

Just a thought / idea if not. This is based on the idea of individual player activity. Though I understand that Corp level rebates are given based on activity.

Cheers Fly Safe…

CCP occasionally does a tax haven event.

That is the most recent example.


I think that implementing a system of end-of-year income taxes into the game is a great idea. I can imagine that it would give rise to a secondary industry of professionals willing to complete and file the taxes on your behalf. We could do interesting things like writing off our gank losses (if we choose to itemize, and not take a standard deduction). Maybe the EVE tax bureau would even send agents after those who try to evade paying their taxes.

We need to start deciding on tax brackets ASAP.

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What would the Mike and Mitanni brackets and deductions look like?

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Large corps pay no taxes. They’re the job creators.

In fact, Goons currently need a bailout. They’re too big to fail.


Tax rebate? Eve is a dystopia. Be thankful there isn’t a month when taxes are doubled!

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Why would there be a rebate?

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Tax is not a cruncher to the free market it is broker fee’s. Most of eve’s goods trade well below their true cost anyway owing to the “minerals I mine are free & my industrials have no expense as I pay $ for their subs” crew who always keep markets flooded with goods selling less than their value.

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