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Am I missing something or Eve has never been mentioned in TBBT ?

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i don’t know…

According to TBBT wiki, it doesn’t look like it has:

Would be pretty cool though if if was mentioned! :slight_smile:

I don’t see how any of the men could mention it. They’re all fictional characters of course, but as such are the men most often drawn as soft. I cannot see them enjoying EVE. The women on the other hand, being often draw as strong, would definitely fit the bill, but are also not much into video games. So I’d say that it would take a bit of leap for EVE to get mentioned on the show.

I do think it would fit in a way because of the sci-fi aspect; all the guys love Star Wars and Star Trek and space in general. They have even featured SWTOR in one episode.

I do agree they are soft characters, but I could definitely see them trying it and then ‘rage quitting’ after a player kills them while they’re in a mission or something. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh yes. I can see Penny owning it and loving it. Bernadette would not openly admit it, but secretly do I see her enjoying a good gank. And Amy, if anything, would find it an interesting human study.

Not sure about Howard though. Having been hardened by his mother and being a space engineer can I see him being the only male main character who could like EVE. Sheldon, Raj and Leonard would definitely not like it.

Stuart (owner of the comic book store), who often plays his role for comic effect, could well play a hopeless space miner, but even he would give up at some point. Only Barry Kripke would perfectly match the bill, being a long-time EVE player and a member of a notorious alliance of course, happily thriving on all those who fail at EVE. He often fills the classic role of a villain on the show.

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I see them scamming everyone in Jita.

I could actually visualize Bernadette playing and enjoying killing players, I even see her being the one who goes and stalks the guys while their trying it out and shoot them.

Totally agreed about Amy! Could see her using it as a study!

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