Any SG folks here?

Hi Just wanna link up with SG friends who play eve here . Or is it just me .


I’m assuming SG stands for Stargate.

If so then you want to check the Out of Pod Experience forum section, where fans of all sorts of games, TV shows, hobbies, and what not talk about their favorites.

by SG what do you mean?, Single Girls? Single Guys? StarGate?.. hehe :smile:


Well, if its StarGate, then my name speaks for itself XD

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Raise your hand if you’re old enough to think that he meant Silicon Graphics… :raising_hand_woman:


Or people that work / worked for Scientific games?

He is looking for Safely Gankable friends to play EVE with. :smirk:


This is Eve he/she is talking about suicide gankers.

Am I the only one who thought Singapore?


Starwars Galaxies?


I think it may be indeed SG. I mean Starwars Galaxies.

Wasn’t that SWG?


It always irritated me to have watched all three Stargate series…then see stargates in EVE and that they work on the same principal essentially, but can’t connect to multiple gates like in the series xD Imagine only having 1 gate per system that is the interactive point and choosing your destination from a list of stargates connected lol “He’s crashing the gate…” “Where is he jumping to?!” “I don’t know, I cant tell from the three gates listed.”

From a technical concern for gameplay I can understand having multiple gates in a system one for each system connected but imagine the difficulty in playing if you can’t ascertain immediately where your target jumped to. I kind of prefer 1 gate per system but meh.


Closer to Babylon 5 gates.

–Gadget is the last chance for peace

This thread is hilarious! :smiley:

Maybe it’s Suicide Girls!

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I assumed Singapore, but then it would be DHLa…

:raising_hand_woman: but to be fair i also had star gate as well

Sexy Goats?

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I thought the OP meant Super Geeks.

Oh,oh i just came up with another definition… Super Glue :smiley:

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