Farewell Friends


So I started EvE Online as I usually do, 4 hours ago. Nothing was the matter, no problems at all. Then I had to shut it down to download something unrelated to EvE.

Twenty minutes ago, I started it again and the client window opens but it looked like I had never installed the game before and it was ready to download the whole 33.5Gb at the same place that the game already exists in!


I tried to start the client from different places:
From the EvE folder, from the desktop shortcut, from the Taskbar shortcut and from the Steam window. Nothing. The program doesn’t seem to be aware of the 35.5Gb existing in the exact same place it wants to download to.

WTH happened? No idea but I’m fed up with all the troubles I have to go through to play a game designed to kick my arse.
User settings are forgotten on an almost daily basis.
Some settings sometimes don’t even register, like Compact Mode, Window Blur and muting individual audio items… too many issues I care to list. But it doesn’t matter anymore, I’ve had enough.

How many times would I have to download the 33.5Gb before the program decides to acknowledge the installation?
I don’t even want to know.

The least I ever expect from a game is that it starts. Obviously that’s not gonna happen now so I’m uninstalling and will forget about it.

I know I’m not a great loss to the game. CCP isn’t going to get rich with the few PLEX I bought and planned on buying. I simply wanted to say Goodbye to people I have esteem for. You know who you are. :slightly_smiling_face:

And no, you can’t have my stuff… Hell, I can’t even have my stuff. I can’t even biomass!
What a miserable mess!

I’m done with online games. Virtually all of them have greatly disappointed me. Time to go back to real games: good ol’ single-player games!

Farewell Friends.


Damn, what a kick in the balls. That sucks, but see ya then. o7

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Can’t wait till you make the next posting alt.

You wish, witch.

Yeah well. It’s no big loss on both sides.


See?! This is what happens when you let the content counter-play meta min/max ‘players’ loose.
Goddamnit CCP. Do something! #SaveMike

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See you in a couple of days. :smirk:




I can log into the forum once in a while and say ‘hi’.
Remember, I can’t log into the game and biomass which means that Yuzima will exist until the CCP servers are shut down :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Not only that but I’m in the process of deleting my Steam account. In 30 days time I won’t exist on Steam, an account I’ve had for 15 years. I’ve had it with online games in general.


It would be fair to say that the new launcher has a bug or two. Especially if you have the audacity to install the game outside the default location.

But never mind, the forums is where it’s at these days anyway. I find the forum has more exciting action than the game since the “man” decided to nerf my playstyle into the ground. Good job CCCP :wink:

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If you ever try to re-install, or if you haven’t uninstalled yet, try to run it with the bells and whistles that ccp suggests (loglite, launcher logs, etc). It’s likely a conflict with other software, since you are the only one experiencing this (?).

Then I’d definitely contact support via the webpage. They’ve always been of great help when I needed it. That is, if you’d still give EvE a chance :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think the only non-online game left is whatever is included in your Microsoft folder.
Solitaire, Minesweeper, etc…

Even 1-player games these days need a download or a patch…

–Gadget even downloads aps to play non-computer games - Looking at you Warhammer…

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I always make sure to let games install wherever the hell they want and I only have one hard drive so there can’t be any confusion.

I’m tempted to agree with you. I have fun on this forum and most of the posters I’ve had the pleasure to discuss and share with are really nice.

You know what? I think I’ll stay put in this forum.
No need to create another alt @Aisha_Katalen :smiley:

:rofl: The women that mocked a guy with a real game bug caves from a little game files download. What’s your playstyle: looking in panic at data rates and caps?

This also sounds like a you-issue. Fix your crappy PC and file permissions. I don’t need to download game files repeatedly.

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Nah, I’m so done with online games. Already uninstalled both EvE and Steam.

They’re already plenty busy. I’m not going to bug them.

I may give it a chance in a few years or so and see if all the issues are solved. Although I doubt I will. I’m a very stubborn person and I stick to my decisions come hell or high water.
Tomorrow I will contact my ISP and shut off internet at home for my PC. No online game no need of internet.

Not at all. I have 16 offline games. None of them need any internet access.

It’s not a little game file download, it’s the full game each time. Don’t pretend that you would tolerate that.

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Then maybe play them?
Right now you are still playing EvE Forums PVP…

–Gadget is Southern, but this is the longest goodbye ever


That’s funny!
You really got me good :+1:

Of course. It’s always a Me-issue. Who else could there be on this planet but me?

My PC isn’t cra- well, yeah you’re right. It’s a crappy
PC I bought in 1995… or was it 1895? :thinking:
Permissions? Who needs that? :roll_eyes:

Well you see I just learned to use a PC a week ago so I obviously have no clue what I’m doing.

Of course he would, he’s a fanboiiiii

You didn’t read the OP, did you :laughing: