[TBLDS] Newbie corp (primarily EUTZ, but also USTZ) with a long-standing alliance - Mining, PvE, PvP, Industry

We’re a corp with a few months under our belt, but with a ton of personal experience, along with a good number of people within the alliance always ready to help and banter!

What’s on offer, you ask?

  • PvE ratting systems (you’ll earn a fair bit out here!)
  • Moon mining, nullsec/WH ore/gas mining opportunities
  • Although not PvP focused, we do a fair bit of them
  • Industry currently in developement
  • We’re laid back

What are our plans?

  • Expanding our industry skills and output to beyond our dreams (and Plex our accounts through it someday?)
  • Mining Ops (a chance to soclialise more than anything else)
  • Building a strong PvP presence, and start doing more roams, including home defence roams
  • Black Ops participation (once you’ve been here and participating for a little while and we know you enough)

Who / what we need:

  • YOU
  • Staying on in comms when in-game (and if you’re up for a fair bit of banter, all the time!!) to help each other out and coordinating a whole bunch of stuff

If you’re interested, have a look at our alliance zkillboard!
Message owlsman or apply to [TBLDS] Tech Builds in game!

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