Very small corp looking for PVE'ers, Miners


As it says on the tin.
We are three very experienced and ‘well connected’ guys who have played Eve for
many years, 12 in my case, looking for self sufficient PVE’ers and miners to join us
in 0.0 (Drones) and earn some (what is it you young kids say?)… ‘dank’ isk.
There will also be PvP opportunities from time to time.

Edit:- I should probably say that we have a nice little system with moon mining and
and some nice rats :wink:
Some Eve experience is expected but not totally essential if you are an intelligent,
respectful human with a sense of humour.

Alpha friendly (ish) but there will be some skills you’ll need and we would very much
prefer you to be able to field a Hac with T2 fit at the very least.

Split between EU and USTZ and welcome all time zones.

Discord, TS is expected.

Hit me with a mail in game if you want more info.


I’m very interested in possibly joining as a working adult I dont always have the most time to play but as I’m back into eve I enjoy running combat sites and trying to pad my bank account again.

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