Teach Me About DPS

What is the ship in the game at battleship or below that generates the highest raw DPS?

Polarized blaster Kronos or spooled-up Leshak, I guess.

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Whatever the ship, Pyrolancea 5 plus Halcyon Y 5 drugs. If it’s the Leshak then a complete set of high grade mimesis. Plus any appropriate skill hardwiring implants.

Edit: and don’t forget abyssal rolled officer mods. Polarized might not be good enough for Kronos compared to rolled officer guns and damage mods — would have to run the numbers.

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Highest Raw DPS ship is currently the kronos. Next in line is the golem due to its high alpha damage and great ROF. (Caldari don’t call the torpedoes RAGE for no reason :laughing:)

One tweak here. The Kronos DPS is highest with Halcyon R-5 (ROF buff) :nerd_face: and ofc the pyro + event drug.

I personally almost reach 5k dps non overheated on my incursion kronos. There are people who can deal 6k DPS overheated on their kronos.

Information is courtesy of the Incursion community. The masters of peak HS PVE.

That’s good to hear-- I’m currently flying a Golem.

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