Tech 2 Porpoise - Ultimate small corporation friendly ship

I have idea for tech 2 Porpoise ship. It would be dream ship for stealthy mining/relic&data site hunting/salvaging/planetary production operations for small corporations.

Tech 2 Porpoise…

  • would have advanced covert jump drive with very long range and no jump fatigue.
  • could use advanced covert jump portal technology. It would have very long range but it could only bridge ORE covert ops frigates. There should be relic&data&scanning bonuses added to ORE covert ops frigate and jump fatigue removed. T2 Porpoise could get scanning bonus too.
  • would have small ship maintenance bay (5000 m3).
  • would have bigger bonuses for mining fleet boosting than T1 Porpoise.
  • could support all activities except combat.
  • would have ore packing functionality.
  • would have drone based firepower to defeat belt rats in null sec.
  • would have only 1000 m3 fleet hangar and amount of cargo space that T1 Porpoise has now and 50000 m3 ore hold and 10000 m3 planetary commodities hold and 10000 m3 command center hold capacity. This would prevent from using it for transporting big amounts of stuff easy.
  • price level would be same with black ops battleship.

Comments are welcome for my idea! This is my attempt to make EVE more newbie friendly but still dangerous.

Here is my dream about how this ship is used:
Small corporation jumps T2 Porpoise and 1-10 ORE covert ops frigate to far corner of EVE space. They scan down relic/data sites and mine ice/ore belts and kill&salvage belt rats and get planetary commodities. Security comes from stealth not firepower. After operation they jump back with valuable ore / planetary commodities shipment. This would allow new corporations to prosper in EVE. Perhaps this fleet first jumps to far corner of EVE space and then move to wormhole and after operation come out from wormhole and jump back to place of origin.

edit: Added planetary production support for idea!

So would have boosts, strong than current Porpoise, drones and yet no support for combat?

I like the idea of a small, nomad style support vessel, but this feels way too OP.

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I edited planetary production support for original idea. When small corporations have chance to earn ISK we start seeing EVE coming back alive again!

An advanced covert jump drive with a very long range and no fatigue? I don’t see that thing being overpowered.

I’m (not) sorry to be the bearer of bad news for you. We already have a t2 porpoise and it is called Orca.

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