Tech 3 Tactical Industrials / Freighters

3 modes for 3 roles similar to tactical destroyers . Switching modes require tether to initiate. Tether lost during mode change.

Long range galaxy courier mode :

  • fast top speed
  • very small signature
  • fastest warp speed
  • can use covert ops cloak
  • limited range jump drive with very large fuel hold
  • 0 resists

Intrasystem Freight Mode

  • Possess all specialized holds
  • Moderate warp bonus
  • Highest agility/lowest inertia
  • Cannot use stargates

Military Transport Mode

  • Resistant to all ewar including stasis webifiers
  • Has damage threshold similar to stations
  • Extremely low warp speed and agility
  • Bonus to warp disruptors / scramblers

Tactical Freighters :
All modes as above

  • Can only fit standup high, mid, and low slot modules.
  • Can fit 2 squadrons - 1 light; 1 support fighter
  • Can use PANIC module

Just some thoughts, not necessarily a criticism or praise cuz without some numbers on these hypothetical ships it’s hard to evaluate.

Unless the Military Transport Mode beats a DST at not being ganked in hisec, it’ll see no use, and it won’t see any use regardless outside hisec except in friendly low/null where that damage cap is effectively giving the local standings fleet free time to respond.

Unless the long range galaxy courier mode is more stealthy and able to not-die in a gatecamp, it won’t see use over BRs except for when you can use a cyno alt cuz of that small jump drive.

Intrasystem Freight Mode just seems odd, like what does Possess all specialized holds mean?

Anyways, the fundamental problem with the other 2 modes is that they directly compete with already existing ship classes, and will either see little to no use over them, or make the current alternatives see little to no use. Much like how T3 cruisers are either OP or niche compared to HACs (see: pre-nerf Proteus and vs today’s T3C’s, which only really gain a niche by being cloaky).

My understanding is that T3’s are supposed to be Swiss Army knives. Therefore, a T3 industrial would be the industrial that can do what the others can do, just not all at the same time. Yes, this is hard to balance.

As written, the ship seems to have the following modes:

  • BR mode
  • DST mode
  • Haul stuff around in the same system mode?

I think the specialized cargoholds are the ones that are restricted to things like minerals, ammo, etc. If the ship has something like 12 specialized cargoholds, why not just give it more regular cargo capacity. I could see having one specialized cargohold that can be changed at will. This could be done through subsystems/modules or it could be some sort of ship mode.

Without being able to use stargazes, the Intrasystem Freight Mode really is odd. I could see using it clean up after bashing a structure. Other than that, I do not know what it is good for. Why not just give it a cargo bay that is 1,000,000 m3, disable stargate use and make it really slow? Is it supposed to be able to carry fitted ships?

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Let me guess. You where ganked recently?

Go play another games because EVE is not for you. You won’t find here hand holding and perfect safety. And this only thing you are trying to accomplish.

My intrasystem mode intent is two fold :

  1. Moving ore from belt to station, where the agility bonus comes into play.
  2. Massive fleet combats where you supply cap boosters to dreads.

You’re right.
The specialized hold via scripts of some sort would probably be a better implementation.

No this is also targetted at massive fleet fights with dreads/supers. So cap boosters would be supplied mid fight successfully via tanky hauler. Repeatedly.

Also good for looting capital / super capital wrecks in the middle of fight.

Military transport is aimed at null sec/ low sec , fleet fights resupplying boosters/ammo mid fight for capitals.

The tankiness would also work as bait for cyno black ops hot drops.

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